2008-01-132, template

Burda 2008-01-132

originally published 5/28/11


Burda 2008-0-1-132 is the pant pattern Debbie Cook made famous.  It’s an interesting pant pattern with 4 panels

  1. center front
  2. side front
  3. side back
  4. center back


The side front is divided into 2 pieces and then reassembled to form the easiest pocket ever sewn.  I have no pictures of this garment.  I cut and sewed a size 48 hoping to at last get the perfect crotch.  Not so. I still had to do considerable bottom scooping.  I had stupidly finished this as I went along.  My normal method with the first use of a pattern is to serge the seams at 1/4″ and then baste at 5/8″.  Why I stitched a 2.5 length stitch is beyond me.  It was a classic brain fart.  I usually increase that to 3.0 (at least) just because unstitching is possible at 3.0 and hardly possible at 2.5 (at 2.0 I give up). Ms Ruby (my HV sewing machine) suggests 2.5 for light weight fabrics, which I was using, and there it sat throughout stitching, hemming, and waistband application.  At the first try on I scooped the rear crotch and took pictures.  The pictures horrified me.  I did realize it was loose fitting. I used a size 48 when Burda recommends a size 42 for me. But the pictures showed a dumpy, shapeless mass most reminiscent of DS’s diaper days. Because of the stitch length, I immediately declared this a wadder.  I will be retracing and reposting this pattern at a later date because it is a great pattern. The pocket is fabulous.  The elastic across the back, creates an easy pull on pant that looks fitted from the front. Since I rarely if ever wear my blouses tucked, the gathering is not seen and if my pants had been made in my size, would have looked like a normal pant, but short. Oh I didn’t mention. I made these knee length. Burda knee length (designed for the 5’6″ woman), which is about 2 inches below my own knee.  It can be a great pant or short.