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Just when I think I’m done…

Oh I really thought I had it this time.

I added 1/2″ to the waist with a simple slash and spread like this:

Apologies for not having the link. This was originally created and shared as an individuals class work.  She truly deserves acknowledgement. 


Then I decided I was tired of fussing from waistband, to yoke to leg.  I added the yoke to the top of the leg pieces. Pant now has following pattern pieces:  front, back w/side seam; back with inseam and waistband.

I chose a nice quality black ponte from the stash.  Not hard to find since all my recent purchases have been nice quality.  I cut my fabrics and started basting together pieces.  Just before adding the waistband, I decided it was time to get rid of the extra length I always felt in front.  When I wear my yogas, they always rest above the waist.  Real yogas should sit about below about an inch.

The first fitting felt great.  Shortening the depth between waist and hip was perfect!  Then I looked at the pics and found the same old fold of fabric in the crotch.

I thought, if I make no other improvements, I’ve got to get rid of that fold. So I carefully marked and trimmed 1/2″ depth from the back crotch

Red crosses denote the area I scooped, which does lengthen the crotch just a little too. Well at this point the back looked much improved.

I thought all it need was a bit of lowering.  I dropped the  the crotch 1/2″ lower than drafted:

I expected great results. Near perfection.  I was so excited, I even told a couple of people I was close to fitting my pattern. Then I took pics:


Well, look at the positive side:.

Ample ease everywhere including waist.

Elastic is the correct length.

Fold in back crotch is gone.

Looks ok in natural light if I move around: