I think I’m mostly known for my long struggle and copious pants making efforts at sdBev.blogspot.com.  When I moved my blog to WordPress.com, I also decided to move the pants making topic to a blog of it’s own.  Your journey towards perfect pants will be different from my own. I hope my experience will help and encourage you to create pants that fit that way you want them to fit. 

You’ll find the rest of my past and current posts at sdBev.Wordpress.com.

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  1. Hi sdBev, if you want some advice about the latest Coni Crawford pants pattern you can write to her directly. I see you are struggling with the jeans pattern and that is why I always recommend the B5222 pattern to start as you get a real basic shape and idea how you fit into her pants. There is a big jump between the smaller envelope and the larger one…ask me how I know. And if you follow her directions from B5222 you get the idea that adding an inch or so to the top at cutting stage will help you manage later for trying on with elastic tied along the waist and adjusting further to get the right crotch depth. I find adding to the top and then even basting the seam line from the pattern onto the fabric gives me a real good idea of where my client varies such as higher hip or protruding tummy or flat butt…that waistline seam line can drop or slide up depending on what she needs where. Please write to me privately so we can chat: surrondedbywhite@gmail.com.

    1. Mrs Mole I tried to send an email to address in your comment. Unfortunately, it failed. Thank you for comment. I’m pleased that you dropped by and offered support. I hope you were able to see my 3rd and final post about my experience with Connie Crawfors jeans pattern. Although I don’t care for the curved yoke, the pattern as a whole is excellent and I think I’m near to fitting it to my figure. I do appreciate any hints you can offer. Not only are you an admirable seamstress, I also agree with your fitting standards and think your critiques would be most helpful. Thanks

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