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Fitting burn

I’ve just had the most annoying experience.  I’ve been experimenting with the flexible-ruler method. I’m 3 fittings in. Thought it was looking pretty good. At least the crotches were not their normal bunching, pulling selves.  Last fitting, last set of pics taken about 3PM and I swear I was busting out of the muslin. Could barely close the waistband and the pins were straining to keep the front closure closed.  That was after having added 1″ to the WB  length. Could not pinch any ease at the sides.   I was afraid to sit down–which at some point you must do with a pants muslin—for fear the pins would go flying and the seams split. Drag lines were everywhere and prominent. Well below the crotches  in the thigh area were  little commas  — i.e. crotches not bad at all.

In the morning, I’m thinking,I would like to scoop one final time and add more ease if its really needed.  So at 12 noon, I try the muslin on again. Son of a gun!  I can pinch 2″ on each side. Most of the drag lines have simply disappeared. The waistband easily closes and the front opening overlaps on its own. I didn’t even pin closed the front opening. Compare the 2 fittings before I continue my rant and finish with 2 questions.


Evening                                                   12 Noon


Evening          12 Noon

Granted with the patterning of the fabric, it can be hard to see what is going on.  But why such a difference between noon and afternoon fittings?  I’ve already eaten a small lunch, as usual and same as yesterday.  I have not had a BM  (did yesterday) so clearing that area is not a factor.  In mid-afternoon I may have a small snack. I do mean small. 4 carrots, or a whole, small tomato; a small scoop of cottage cheese. Chips, candy, cookies have been eliminated from my diet. Large meals are also gone. At most I have 3 small meals and the afternoon snack. Point being that neither today nor the day before, at any time  was  my stomach over-filled with food and my gut filled with toxic wastes.  So….

Why  is the am/noon fitting better than the PM?

Do you fit for the am or pm?


Some evenings I just cant stand my clothes and either unbutton/unsnap/unbelt or make an early change into pj’s. I’m inclined to fit for PM but then the garments will be too loose in the morning. If I fit pants for the evening, the won’t stay at the waist in the AM. What to do? What to do?


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  1. I guess that’s why elastic is my friend. Seriously, I don’t see that much difference in the “back pics” from the noon and evening, BUT, of course I can’t feel what you feel with the tightness. I don’t have any suggestions as our bodies just “do what they do.” I can’t stand “tight” around my waist so for me it’s elastic in pants, shorts, and skirts. Love Peggy yoga pants.

    1. Confession. This has probably been happening to me all along, just not so drastically. Most of my pants have elastic Ive added after wearing the first time.

  2. I have watched many of your attempts to fit pants here. With kindness I say, why not just wear skirts or dresses? So much easier to fit.
    BTW, I so admire your fight against your recent illness. Way to go

  3. I do pant fittings in the afternoon also. Between all the water I drink and just regular meals, my tummy can gain as much as 2.5 inches (or more). And at the end of the day, I feel it. I carry most of my weight in my tummy area, I have learned to fit anything with a waist band later in the day. On a side note, I am so happy you are feeling good enough to tackle pants! I have been reading your blog for a while and was very concerned to read of your cancer fight. (And what a fighter you are!). And rejoicing in your recovery! (But still praying for you, your family and all of your health care peeps!).
    Suzie (from Virginia)

    1. Thank you Susie for the compliments and moral support; also the personal info of your fitting. One question, how do you adapt for the too large pants in the morning?

  4. Hi Bev. I’ve been following your blog for some time but this is my first comment. I have also had a hysterectomy and I think your difference in abdominal measurements could be attributed to “swelly belly”. My operation was over a year ago so the symptoms have mostly abated although if I overdo I find the waistband of my pants can feel too tight still!! Take care of yourself and maybe wear elastic waist pants for now.

    1. Thank you. That goes along with my ENT telling me my immune system would be compromised for at least a year after chemo. Seems we dont “bounce back” after chemo and hyster.

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