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3218: The Final Scoop

Finally I thought, the only way to know if the 1.25″ scoop is the solution, is to use it all. 5 minutes later, I had stitched, trimmed and adjusted the waistband. Muslin 3 now has all the final adjustments that Muslin 2 was given. To see the extent of the difference, I’ve posted the final Muslin 3 with next to final Muslin 2

Muslin 3 — Muslin 2

Muslin 3 is both lacking in ease and sporting large diagonals on the leg. IOW neither the trunk of the body nor the legs look as nicely as Muslin 2 AND the fit has hardly improved since Muslin 1 Fit 1

Muslin 1 Fit 1 way back when nothing had to been  done to the pattern.

I’m so disappointed I’m disgusted.  I put it in the back of the closet for a time out.


5 thoughts on “3218: The Final Scoop”

  1. Thanks foe the reminder. When I tried that alterartion, I used the Singer method. Always meant to try the Minott but I never get to the point of eliminating the other issues. The very important difference between the two is in the way the truing is done.

    Very good point. Thanks for bringing it up.

  2. I wonder if there would be any difference if you had used the version 2 muslin as the pattern. I’m sure you checked and double checked the changes as you made them, but Version 3 is so different in looks as version 2. Darn, I was hoping that you had found your answers!

  3. Yellowrose
    Muslin2 has so many slash/spreads, tucks and patches it wouldn’t flatten. I think patterns have to be flat. I traced it and compared both it and the tracing to my new tissue. The only difference was the shape of the back crotch, which after the Final Scoop would have been eliminated. BUT thats a very good point. I will think it over. Many people including myself have had issues transferring fitting changes of the muslin back to the tissue . Peggy even says to use the muslin as the pattern. Hmmm, yep I will give this more thought.


  4. Oh sorry, Yellowrose. I always try t thank commentators. Just the fact they took the time to read and think about my sewing is awesome. To offer solutions of any kind is humbling. Everyone deserves a heart felt thanks. So from the heart, thank you for the suggestion to use the muslin as the pattern. It is a good practice and I will give careful consideration. Thank you for making it.


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