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3218: More Seat Fitting

The crotch, while feeling better, still  isn’t really good and I know it can be. It still feel short. It makes me wonder if I goofed when working with the OctBowl. I got to wondering how I  could use this muslin to verify the crotch length? I wanted a quick check of the back crotch length; something definitive and decided to try for the back the slash-and-let-spread test I did on the front. I didn’t slash the muslin, but I did rip out the stitching under the waistband. I took pics of pant as it hung.

Fit 07 compared with Fit 01


Fit 07     ………………    Fit 01

It felt better, looks a smidge better, but not what I consider a nice fit.

So Louse came up with another suggestion.  Actually she sent me a diagram explaining how I was going to remove the crotch length I just needed. I’m not removing it, I  am moving it. The distance the pant waist dropped away from the waistband is about 3/4″. So using that amount, I took a 3/4″ tuck across the low hip.  Then about 1/2″ away from the inseam, I slash the back crotch; added a strip and spread the crotch 3/4″. I’ve never done both operations on the same crotch at the same time. But look at the improvement:

Focus on the right leg and be gentle in your opinions of the muslin. It has been slashed, patched, darted and  tucked so many times. I’ve lost count. Trying to do any of these things to a sewn garment is difficult, but trying to do them in this muslin’s state is, well it’s a miracle we tell anything.

Look at how nice the tush is:


So it’s time for a new muslin. I hate to admit it but I have to see if these alterations can be copied to the tissue. Has to be a muslin because I may need to change them more. Oh the headache of trying to figure which alterations and how much to copy.


7 thoughts on “3218: More Seat Fitting”

  1. Congrats, you are close to the finish line. The right leg looks great. You might need to pinch out a little from the back crotch extension to get rid of the last wrinkle or it may be the way that you are standing. I agree that it is time for a new muslin.

  2. Bev,

    Your muslin is your pattern. Before undoing one side of the pants, (by the way I would chose the right side ) take a Sharpie pen and trace a line along the side seams , the inseams and all along the crotch and around the waist. Undo and iron the front and the back . Don’t
    undo any of the patches and the dart you made at the seat. You could compare them at your original pattern. But you could trace it on paper.

    1. Wish Id read this this morning. Ive already made a new tissue. I didnt want to keep the muslin as a pattern because it would take so much room. But it didnt even occur to me to trace it. Must have been a senior moment.


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