Classic, Elastic, FFA Faced

Waistband Finishes

Check out this wonderful post At FitForArt. It contains

Faced w/ Optional Tab to secure

Classic Waistband with right side extension

Elastic Pull Up waist so comfortable, so easy to sew

Thank you Rae. <clap><clap>  Excellent post!  The above finishes are all free. The post also contains links to her available-for-purchase  variations for a fly front, trouser details, and sporty details.

2 thoughts on “Waistband Finishes”

  1. I was thinking that usually Peggy ‘pants are designed to be worn below the waist. So maybe it is the case with these jeans. If you tried your pants leave them open in the front and lower them about an 1in. or so, then look in the mirror to see if the drag line disappear in the back. Just a suggestion.
    Thank you for the link of The waistband.

  2. Louise, I dont think these pants are supposed to be jeans. I must be doing something wrong if you look at my pics and see jeans, LOL.

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