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3418 Elastic Waistband

My sewing angel and I have been talking back and forth about this very interesting waistband.  I have a couple of fitting posts, but I wanted to share this now so she could see my pics. Read quickly because if Peggy complains, this whole post is going in the trash so quickly you’ll wonder if I even typed it.

Peggy says this a simple waistband that you will just love.  When I settled in to really making it, I had to read a single instruction  (like a single sentence  and sometimes half a sentence)  and execute it and then read the next. I’m adding my pics (you’ll have to buy the pattern to see her pics because I’m very certain copyright covers her pics).  Here it goes

First part is easy, no page numbers but titled “Prepare Waistband” .

Cut elastic to the length you like, join it in a circle. 

OK, got that. Can do. Moving along through the assemble pant stuff and stop at “Attach Elastic Waistband”

With Right side of elastic waistband against Right Side of pant assembly, and with the elastic seam matched to center back of pants, pin band to pants aligning the pant top edge to the center of the 2″ wide elastic “

I read that and thought “God in heaven what does this mean?” So I grab my elastic; scratch my head, look ahead and decide we’re trying to aligning the top edge of the pant to the middle of the elastic.

Well I’ll never be able to keep that straight and attach to the pant, so I start by basting a line along the 1″ center of the elastic

Moving on:

Align the elastic seam at center back, then divide evenly to align elastic to center front of pant and then at side seams

Crap how am I going to keep that straight? Pinning comes soon but I’m never going to make the matches with pins or under the needle without some help. So I find the half way point of the elastic by folding in half with back on one fold and front on the other.  Chalk mark.  Refold the elastic to front and back match and now the folds indicate the quarter point side seam marchs. Chalk mark each. Here’s a sample of one of my chalk marks.

Can find those when needed, so onward!

Stretch elastic evenly to fit those sections. Pin in place before sewing.

Another instruction I understand and can do. Here’s what it looks like from the inside of the pant

ie pant aligned to the middle of the elastic and pinned in place; and here it is looking from the right side

Next instruction was  a duzy to me

Stitch through both layers of pant and elastic, stitch 3/8 inch from top of pant edge…

Holy cow. I look front side; back side. Scratch my head again and then align my SM’s foot with the edge of the pant edge and stitch. Looks like this on the pant inside

and here it is looking from the other side

BTW I’m using water-soluble thread in the bobbin because I’m thoroughly confused and thinking I may need to rip this out several times.  But I continue steadfastly

which will be 1-3/8″ from the top of the elastic band. 

I pull out my seam gauge and take a measure:

Hey! Checks out so I may be doing something right after all.

Flip top edge of elastic band to inside of the pant.

That’s an action shot. I can hardly give you decent still shots. In fact I apologize for the blurriness of some of my photos.  I took 2 or 3 each step of the way and shared the best.

The wrong side of the elastic will now be inside the pant and the seam of the pant will be in-between the elastic and the pant.

OK, flip the elastic and take a look.  Looks interesting, not sure I like this and about 90% sure I’ve done something wrong.

Do not secure the elastic with any additional stitching…. waistband will be held in place when on you body… Only 5/8 inch of the elastic will show from the right side of the pant.


Well hush my mouth. It does:

Full view

Instructions go on to say the elastic will stay in place without any further stitching. I have my doubts, but I will try it out. Also I’m like 99% disliking the look ..b-u-t… it won’t be visible when I wear it because I always wear my tops out not tucked.

I must admit  that returning the pant to the drafted crotch length was the right thing to do.  The crotch looks and feels about the right length both back and front. (Please ignore the upward/downward traversing of the waistband. My waist is like a roller coaster.)  Peggy always says to trust her and (hanging head) I really should have.





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  1. Glad you tried her way. Looks like it’s a good solution. Peggy said it was an Ellen Tahari wb. I’m anxious to get my pattern and try the pants and the wb. I don’t have any 2in elastic. Need to order next time it’s on sale. Thanks for sharing

  2. LOL, When I received my pattern, I pulled out the instructions to read about the waistband. I, too, was perplexed, BUT I knew when I sewed it one step at a time it would all make sense and be correct. Glad that worked for you too!

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