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5682 Update

Thought this might be interesting…

As the day wore on, I realized my pants felt tight…. at the waist. After a trip through the laundry, I opened up the waistband and added another 2″ of elastic. I’ve taken to inserting elastic in all of my pants waistbands.  Did that after I discovered my favorite RTW jeans had a wide soft elastic in all their waistbands.  I find it especially wonderful on those days when I overeat, like Christmas and New Year’s but also those day my internals aren’t working well and things….. back up/swell up. Anyway, elastic in all my waistbands. I recently bought a different elastic. I’m not totally satisfied with the elastic on hand.  It is soft which while being comfortable, doesn’t always hold up my pants as needed. May have something to do with my current weight and ergo the weight the elastic has to support. So, new elastic cut the same length as the elastic I was using  isn’t long enough to be comfortable but not short enough that I immediately realized I had an issue. Not a time-consuming or tricky alteration. Finished in 10 minutes, maybe less. I wondered if it would have an effect on the final appearance and Alexa took pics to compare with the shorter elastic application:

Previous Front;  Altered Front

Not all the wrinkles are elminated. My side seams  are still too long a which adds drapes along the sides extending toward CF and CB. I do think it significantly improved the front, especially and surprisingly at the knee.  What is really curious is the back view compared not with the previous back view but with my favorite DG2 jeans

Altered Back;  DG2 Jeans

They look a whole lot alike!! Not exactly but a whole lot.  Sadly, as I continue to age my body continues to change shape.  I had to go up a size for my DG2 jeans because of my tummy. I’m buying 16PW instead of 16P (they recommend a 14 for the size of my rear but I don’t like sprayed-on looking jeans). The DG2’s  are still superior fitting, but I’m thinking maybe I should work some more with 5682.  I mean, I was saying “Let’s give this pattern a rest until I get smarter”. Now I’m thinking gee a little tweak at the knee? or????

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  1. , I think these look really good. I don’t care for the skin tight jeans and pants that are seeing the world.

    The elastic extension enables the Jean waist to sit smoother on your waistline.

    Really good job. Karendee

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