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5682: And It’s Finished!

…. But I have mixed emotions.

I really did want to make the front just a little smaller. So I removed the side seam basting; offset the front to back 1/4″ and then stitched the side seams in the same place  as the last basting on the back. This removes about 1/2″ (1/4″*2 sides) from the front but should not affect the back.  The other seams, I stitched with thread and then spritzed to remove all the water-soluble thread basting lines. I trimmed as needed before hemming and finishing the waistband.  I found a nickel button in my button box. No it was a real nickel

I told DH that someone managed to sell a 5-cent nickel for a $1.50. Yeah, they took a nickel, stamped and formed it into a button sold it to a dressmaker. He said that was illegal. So maybe I”m wrong but I still paid a $1.50 for this button and it gets recycled from jean to jean on a pretty regular basis.

I had also triple top-stitched the front making a faux front pocket:

Layers of denim can make for a stiff and uncooperative waistband, so as typical for me I hunted in the scraps for a non-denim facing fabric.  Not too far down, I found this print

which looks really kewl as a facing with the green denim. It is a stretch fabric. I interfaced it and then put the pattern on a second  time to trim it to size. It had stretched quite a bit.

Then I took semi-final pics.

Sides and front, pretty good. Still room for a little improvement but not enough to worry about. Back made me sigh. It actually looked worse with the WST removed:

I decide that yes, I should at least scoop once to see if that is the answer. I think the crotch needs to be reshaped anyway.  It’s kind of a C slope

where I’m better fit with an L

and best with a scoop that goes below the crotch line and back up like a J or fish-hook

I found the J first on my Trudy Jansen 906 jeans pattern. Then read about it in the Palmer Pletch Pants fitting book in which they give it one whole paragraph and no pics. Almost like they don’t want to mention it at all. And truly it’s not the final word. As in today where I scooped my pant crotch generously.  I measured down 1/2″; took my curve and penciled in a nice deep crotch curve. Then I stitch it and pinked it down to 1/4″. I don’t like clipping, I think that weakens the seam. Besides this big of a seam allowance can be uncomfortable down there.  But it didn’t help:

Final w Scoop —-     Right Without Scoop

Oh and the bank line views are not encouraging either:

Crap! Most of the time, I can get myself gussied-up and camo the bad stuff.

I’m not ready to quit on this pattern. I think the issue is a matter of ease across my butt and crotch shape. I admit I haven’t tried either of Peggy Sagers favorite fixes (Hip Line and Inseam darts).  My undiagnosed adult  ADHD has kicked in and I’d really like to-do something else.  So I’ll come back to this. Just not tomorrow.

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  1. “somewhere” in the cobwebs of my brain I seem to recall a threads magazine the explained the difference in the crotch curve in jeans and why they are like they are. Might help

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