Spring Pants

I’ve had these pants finished about a week ago.

You’re right. You really can’t see anything from the photos.  I used Pamela’s Patterns 113 and a Fine Twill purchased from fabricmartfabrics.com

It’s a 100% polyester that I adore for use in dress pants. It launders well. If needed, presses easily. Comfortable to wear, but yes that’s partly because the pattern fits.  I made this pair after taking all the summer pants out of storage and discovering I’m missing  navy,  dress pants.  This is like checking a box. Done. Nice. Not too special. Straight waistband with center front zipper; 8 darts because I need 8 darts. 4 in front and 4 in back.  Good to go.

7 thoughts on “Spring Pants”

  1. Look good. Don’t you wonder why you/we try other pant patterns when we have one that gives us a good fit – like this one.

    1. I’n vasillating between obsession and possession. I’m seeing patterns that look exactly like the Eleanors and Talia and stopping myself from clicking ‘BUY’. It’s nuts. I’ve started a pattern purge because I’ve run out of room, but still clicking that button!


  2. Wonderful looking pants, Bev. I agree with Marcia, these fit so nicely that I would be tempted to always use this pattern for pants. But I know you both enjoy trying new patterns and perfecting them..

    1. Meant to add, I wanted this fabric to be a great pair of pants. In my mind, no other choice of pattern possible. PP113 fits every time. Yes fabric makes little difference but I never threw a pair away not even the first muslin.


    1. Oh yes. This pattern makes wonderful wardrobe mainstays without me doing anything special. Cut, serge sew. WEAR. Cant get better than that.

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