Summer Shorts: Knit Pull On

I know. I know. We all hate hanger shots.  But there really isn’t too much to say about these.

I used my TNT Pamela’s Pattern 113.   Drew a line where I thought shorts should end and then traced a copy only from waist to the shorts hem line.  At cutting time, I added the fold over waistband drafted for the Dress Blue Pants.  I folded the zipper fly aside because these are to be Pull-On i.e. no zipper, no zipper fly and quick.

My fabric is a cotton/poly knit with a bark like appearance but very soft. So soft that during construction I increased all seam allowances.  These are almost entirely serged. The hems were cover stitched and the fold over waistband was cover stitched into place except for 2″ which I left open for inserting elastic. After the elastic was inserted and joined, I closed that seam with two rows of top-stitching .    Unless you look really close, you can’t tell where the cover stitching ends.  Just because I hate elastic that rolls and folds down, I adjusted the fabric evenly along the elastic and then  stitched-in-the-ditch along  each crotch and side seam.  I’ve heard of and used non-rolling elastic but I’ve found they lie. So I don’t trust the advertising and take steps to ensure my elastic will stay upright.

I need these for summer. I started with 3 pairs of shorts, which is certainly enough for home use. Gracious, I can launder every day if I’m so inclined.  I’ve already worn these and I’m not over the top loving them.  Not the pattern’s fault at all.  The fabric is stretchier than I thought.  By the end of the day, the bottom is bagging slightly (just enough to tell but who wants that look?); and the front crotch stretches up somewhat.  I’m really glad I didn’t add pockets. Which I skipped because I wanted these shorts done so I could work with 5620. Had I taken time for pockets, I would have had even more weight on the side and waist seams which I’m sure would have caused these to look bad long before the day is done.

I am happy with them.  I have a pair of shorts that coordinates with a number of my summer tops.  Additionally I did confirm the waistband fold over width and test the hemmed length.   For the next pair, because although I can launder every day I don’t want to, I will make the hem higher. Just a bit.