Fit, permanently stitched and modeled:

Pics lightened 100%

The final fit is about what I expect.  The pattern size which seems to fit waist and hips is too generous in the legs. My point with this pair was testing the accumulated changes.  The last change made on the pattern was removing 3/4″  from the side length, in the upper torso.  I used a wedge or dart to fold out 3/4″ along the seam.  This removes  nearly all the folds in front and rouching along the side seams without causing issues in other places.  I tried making this alteration to the previous pair of pants, but it is an alteration that needs to be made at the tissue stage. I have proof if you need to see it.

When I make this pattern again, I will be removing ease from the back leg.  I have some interesting references.  Corecouture folds out length below the bum and then adds it at the hem. Net change to the leg length is zero. What she is doing essentially creates narrower shaping just below the crotch. 3 Hours Past (read to the end of the post) both reshapes her crotch and changes the shape of the inseam.  Since my pattern has a seam in the center back of the leg, that is the first place I will be reshaping. I happen to like this crotch and don’t want to change it. In fact, I have often copied this crotch to other patterns.

In the end analysis, this pair of pants fits reasonably well. I never expect perfect pants although I have sewn a few.  A perfect pant results from the marriage of pattern and fabric and my particular fitting standards.  I’ve made more pattern and fabric mistakes than I care to think about; and my standards have become more stringent as I learn how to fit.  Sometimes I define fit by what is not there. Such as my lady parts should not be clearly identifiable. Hinted at. Known to exist. But not perfectly obvious.  This pair is good enough and to my surprise, many of my colors will work with its olive tones.

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