906 Velvet Like Corduroy

After working diligently on T-shirt fit issues, I truly needed a breather.  At the same time I keep wanting to wear blouses and tops are best paired with  black or brown pants. So I decided on  a quick time out.  I chose TJ906,  as  fit with the tent fabric and a lovely winter fabric corduroy. Except this corduroy is luxurious.  The wales are so fine that once trimmed it appears to be velvet until you get up close — really close. The fabric is soft and has 25% horizontal stretch. Absolutely no vertical stretch, not even a twinge.  I did nothing unusual either cutting or stitching. Even my basting was limited to attaching the facing and waist band.  I used my cover stitch to create the belt loops, but my sewing machine for the blind stitch hem. Total circumference at the hem is 20″.

The fit is difficult to see. I have lightened the pic below 100%.;

These pants feel perfect and DH says they look beautiful.  I think I might should scoop the crotch a little or perhaps make sure that my multiple uses have not trimmed the crotch length.  Also I should admit that while the tape measure still gives me the same reading, I feel like my tummy is bigger.  (When you have to bend over further to read the bathroom scale, either  your tummy has grown or your eye sight has gotten worse. I just got new glasses).

During sewing I a noticed that I had to ease the waistband and yoke quite a bit. I’m not sure what is going on there and not sure I’m going to knock myself out fixing it. I do know that’s not new. But I’ve become so engrossed it fit that it jumps out at me.

Another interesting drag line is the one  from inner knee to the outside of the foot.  It is not always apparent, but I do see that drag line frequently in previous versions.  I think the pant is too long which I do deliberately    I repeatedly find that I’m discarding jeans and other pants because they become too short for my tastes. I like to start with my pants just above the floor about 1/2″.  I never peg my hems, but maybe I should.

That’s it for today. I consider this another successful pair.