Shorts for Summer 6PAC

Apologies for crappy photo. I know the shorts look better on my matronly body. But the temps are still cool. I simply wasn’t going to model these at 58 degrees.

The fabric is 100% cotton; a remnant from the rose Brown pants made a few weeks ago.  I used Louise cuttings MSS pants shortened to just above the knee.  Oddly, shorts never develop any of the wrinkles that long pants do on me. Well, I think it’s odd. This is the pattern that I folded out 1″ ease from the front and add 2″ ease to the back. These pants are therefore 1″ wider at the hem and over the thigh/leg than the designer intended. I like the full leg on shorts. It’s breezy. Lots of air circulation.  Air circulation is good during the summer.

Usually when I want shorts, I fold up the legs of the last pattern fitted. I made so many of these last year that I traced a separate pattern just for shorts and altered the leg to my preferred length.  This pair of shorts was incredibly easy and fast.  Those last 4 rows of stitch along the elastic get boring. But then it so satisfying to see the elastic draw up and assume the proper shape as I pass the steam iron over the finished pant. Easy. Quick. Fits. TNT’s are worth the effort.

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  1. I’d meant to comment on your PBA post, but took too long tracking down the precise references…..

    Kathy Ruddy’s “One pattern, many looks” class includes a lesson on this adjustment. It’s in Lesson 3, “Refining the Fit,” Chapter 2, “Seat Fullness Adjustments.” I pricked up my ears about this because the full bust adjustment is my major fitting issue, but I haven’t had a chance to try it on the backside (as it were) yet.

    I have two of the Silhouette Patterns pants patterns, which also feature this alteration, and they also await testing this summer. The Silhouette Patterns bodice is great for me, and I have high hopes for the pants, but you never can tell. (I’m the other side of the fitting coin–I have a terrible time fitting tops and jackets, but pants are not such a big deal.)

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