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Tent Fabric


I’m sure the bolt didn’t say it was tent fabric. I’ve had it for so long that I’m pretty sure it was off a Walmart $1 table with content listed as “unknown”.  I’m not sure why I didn’t realize it would be perfect for tarps or tents either then or when I started these jeans.  5 minutes into pressing and I decided this fabric had to be softened or discarded. I ran it through 3 different hot, boiling hot washes to which I added a liter of coke and a cup of vinegar each time.  It took longer to pretreat this fabric than to sew the garment.Thankfully, the fabric did soften. But I will always think of these as my Tent Jeans made with my all time favorite jean pattern Trudy Jansen 906.

Once softened, I cut the the fabric and then embroidered the yoke, back pocket and front pocket

The embroidery file is used is half of the back pocket. I then rotated and clipped to make the other designs.

I have to tell you that I made no changes to the pattern since I used it for the pants in the March 19th post.  I’m not sure if it’s a fabric issue, or a dressing issue. At first I could feel the pants sitting too low. But then correcting that seems to have resulted in the pants being too high and tucking in between my cheeks.  After the harsh pretreatment the fabric has gained and almost velvety nap. It now feels like a brushed, heavy-denim. But it’s possible that some of the original stiffness is still inheritant and causing the pants to sit the way they do.

I will direct your attention back to the side view.  Well meaning people are always telling me to make a flat-butt alteration. I claim I do not have a flat butt and that picture is my proof.

2 thoughts on “Tent Fabric”

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing. You did a great job with the stiff material. And, the embroidery is a bonus. The pattern and your sewing skills really show. Maybe someday I will sew something like that too, for now I enjoy viewing work like yours.

    1. Joselina
      It took me many years to find pants patters I could easily adapt for my figure. I also had help from a couple of individuals who gave me patterns to try. At this time I feel like if I can do it, anyone can. You just have to persist. Thank you for your wonderful compliments.

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