Eureka Pant

The Eureka Pant

I decided I had to try the Eureka Pant after Janis shared her version with us at SG.  I thought I ordered the pattern earlier but when I first started, I couldn’t find the pattern in my stash or a record of purchase.  That’s when I made the ill-fated Terrific Trousers (still think I must have done something terribly  wrong, but moving on….).  I made Otto 5/2013 Style #2 because Eureka pattern hadn’t arrived and I needed another pair of pants.  When the pattern arrived, I finished Style #2 hurriedly ( I didn’t really complete Style 2 as well as I first intended.)  But I digress, Eureka is here. I’ve read the instructions and I’m ready to start.

I was surprised to find a size Medium recommended.  Mind you, I’m quite pleased that I’m no longer a 2X but I’ve not lost all padding.  Most clothing in the size large fits. I need an XL sometimes. But a medium is too small. Far too small. Nonetheless my hip and abdomen measurements fall well within the size range listed for a medium.

I chose the Style #3 back after carefully reading the description.  I was pleased with the verbiage used.  Fit is described in terms of how a RTW pant behaves on the body.  It was easy to peg me as a Back #3.   After tracing the front and back pattern pieces (along with all grain lines, HBL, dart and other markings), I pulled out my tape measure. Just to be sure.  I mean I’m normally a large or x-large. I didn’t completely trust the medium recommendation. It’s really a simple and quick thing to do. I measured across the front and back at the hip line. Multiplied that times 2 and compared with my hip measurement.  Repeat same for the abdomen.  I’m pleased to report that medium should work for me.

My muslin fabric is a polyester twill purchased many years ago when Walmart still cared about customers. The fabric had a flaw which didn’t matter because at $1/yard I purchased 5 yards and made a few garments by cutting around the flaw.  I’m left with about enough to make the pants muslin.  It doesn’t stretch but does fray. So after cutting, I transferred all the pattern markings and then serge finished all edges.  

Next, I basted in a front zipper. Fit For Art recommends leaving the seam open but does allow those who are fitting themselves to use either a side or front opening.  I admit, the reasoning is good. The thought is that the zipper will interfere with fitting the torso.  That can be true. I won’t contest it generally.  Except for me.  I seldom have fitting problems with the front. I do however become very irate with trying to pin seams together and then looking around and see if the @!!##! thing fits while pins poke and prick me.  I basted in the zipper. Basted the inseams. Basted the side seams.  Folded the hems up 4″ and pinned in place.  Then decided, what the heck, I have a pretty good idea of what darts should be like on my body and I basted in 4 darts (2 front, 4 back).

Then I tried on my muslin for the first fitting.

Details, tomorrow.