I think she’s got it!

“The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain”

“By George, I think she’s got it!”

My fabric is a medium to heavy weight linen. It was a remnant from Fabric-Store.com and has flaws. That along with only 1.5 yards of 52″ fabric meant it had to be shorts even though it’s a much better weight for autumn or winter pants. I gave the fabric the denim treatment i.e. 2 trips through the hottest laundry with the first trip including a can of coke. The result is a very soft, comfy, cushy fabric.

Everything I do just makes the front look better:

There is nothing on the front to criticize. For this version I  shortened the front crotch another 1/2″ and added the same to the back crotch length.  I also removed another 1/2″ ease (1/8×4) across the front added the same amount to the back. When walking the legs feel a tiny big long. The hem seems to pull across the knee.  With the loss of the last 1/2″ of length, the crotch no longer rubs between my front thighs but also is not crotch-hugging the way jeans would be. It’s really perfect for summer wear.

Usually I evaluate the side next, but I really want to brag about the back:

I see a diagonal bubble above the right hip.  I’ve been wondering if one of my hips is higher than the other but immediately after the pic was taken, I resettled the fabric because I felt it pull when I moved. I could still have an uneven hip issue, but this time I think the bubble is from not having settled the fabric into place.  I’m really liking the back view. The first pair:

contained diagonal lines from the hip to inner thigh, had V’s above the crotch, a slight tendency towards crotch creep  and showed VPL even though the shorts felt comfortable.  The third version (the blue shorts) have eliminated all the issues and are even more comfortable to wear.

I’m not sure about this side view.  I see a diagonal line from pocket bottom to waist which is not visible from the front. It could be that I need only to adjust the elastic around the waistline. However, I often have that wrinkle so it does concern me.  I note that on each pair of shorts the hem has angled upwards from back to front.  I don’t want the fronts any longer, besides I’m not really sure this is an issue. It could be that as I walk my knees are pushing the hems upward. Since I’m going to make the shorts at least an inch shorter, I’m not going to worry, just make note and see if it happens on future pairs of shorts

I added 1/2″ to the elastic length. The 26″ originally calculated seemed too tight during wear. However this 26.5″ seems too loose. These blue shorts seem to slide downwards a little during wear while the HoundsTooth shorts (the 2nd pair) did not. Since they are a heavier fabric than previously sewn into MSS shorts, it could be a fabric issue. The problem for me is that I’m not going to rip out  2 rows of 2.5mm stitches through elastic. I’m going to live with it. Note it and see if that’s a factor in the future. This is the reason I like belts and belt loops. I can easily adjust from fabric to fabric, style to style, and health issue to health issue with a belt.  I can’t imagine ripping and stitching the elastic every time my gut is bloated or emptied.

I’ve already worn this 3rd pair for a day at the lake. I was eager to see how my last alterations affected the fit during wear.  While not as pronounced, the crotch still tends to pull down in the back and creep forward.  I’m not sure if it’s the elastic issue (too much elastic), or that the crotch lengths still need adjusting or if it’s finally time to scoop a bit out of the back.  Scooping is the last thing I do. When everything else seems perfect about a pair of pants except the crotch is uncomfortable, I scoop. In this case, the crotch is comfortable,  but traveling while being worn.

I think with this last pair, I too have jumped on the MSS pants bandwagon. I’m officially a fan!

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