Burda 2013-02-143 Adding Room for My Tummy

I offset the side seams about 3/8″ favoring the front. I didn’t offset the entire side seam, only from about 1″ below the top of the waistband to mid-hip about 6″ down.  Immediately I decided that I wasn’t going to need to alter the crotch. That first try on after basting the pants together had felt tight in the torso and while the crotch had looked good it too felt like it was cutting into my wa hoo hoo.  So I was pleased with  this alteration immediately and took pictures:


Ok ok, that is the Bank Line View. If you can’t tell anything wrong, I’m pretty sure no one else can either. However, I really do want to share these and critique the fit, so I cropped the pics and lighten them as much as possible:

On the back I still see drag lines from the knee but the rest looks really good and feels even better. I’m pleased that those drag lines are not X-lines i.e. radiating both above and below the knee, Skip over to the front view where the prominent tummy has practically disappeared. There are some diagonal lines above the pockets but the pant feels comfortable and I’m pleased to note that there are no drag or feather lines along the front-thigh inseam. Apparently, Burda put enough ease in there for me; or maybe it was tracing the size large inseam??? I think the side view indicates that I need a touch more room for both tummy and hip. There is just a hint of the panty line but only on the side view.  Those horizontal pull lines are also slightly lifting.  In the past that has indicated that the side seam is too long between waist and thigh.  I think my next step is to stitch 1/8″ away from the first seam and to figure out how to remove just a little length on side below the waist band.

But I refer you to the Bank Line picture above. If I wanted to stop now, these are wearable.