Real Shorts


I titled these as ‘real” shorts because of the chosen fabric.  This is a remnant from a nice, very nice and expensive denim. It is heavy, soft and a deep rich navy blue as well as containing the flexibility of good quality denim. IOW it’s the right fabric for jean shorts.  I took the time to put a nice 2-color embroidery on the back of each pocket and, even though I’m not showing it, I topstitched the zipper fly and front pocket edges with a yellow-orange thread. (Similar in color to what jeans normally use for topstitching).  Unlike traditional jeans, my hems as 1.25″ deep and topstitched with a matching blue thread.

I used the same alterations as for the previous B5403 shorts. I did scoop another 1/8″ out of the back crotch.

I’ve lightened the photo so you can check out the fit. I definitely like how the pant fits between waist and crotch; and this is the right length for shorts on my frame..  I think the back leg may have a little more ease than I personally care for but there is an advantage.  In summer shorts, the extra ease allows for more cooling air circulation. I have no doubt that I’ll wear these all summer long and probably for years to come.