Starting Over

Well not completely, but with a difference perspective.  I asked myself, what is it that I really demand of pants? Can pants be satisfactory without being perfect? Is near perfect, good enough? What is my test(s) for wearable pants?

  1. The waist treatment must hold the waistline in the desired place -Although I like pants that sit at the natural waist, I also like a mid-rise pant. I’m not adverse to elastic in my waistband unless the elastic causes the pant to travel upwards where it wasn’t intended to sit.  Wherever the waistline is designed to sit, that’s what it must do.
  2. The crotch fits smoothly from front waist to back waist. Girly parts should not be outlined and hair must remain uncountable. This also fixes another bugaboo
  3. The an!l orifice is invisible.  I’ve had pants that tightly skimmed the edges clearly reveling what lay beneath fabric. I’ve also had pants  pull or create circular ripples around that feature.  It is a necessary bodily part, but I don’t necessarily want everyone to see it.
  4. Conceal the lumpy bumpy aspect of my figure while still suggesting that I am womanly.  Different fabrics will require different amounts of ease to produce the look I prefer.  I visualize this as a lack of pull lines, folds and wrinkles creating a fairly smooth torso with just a suggestion of curve beneath the fabric.
  5. Comfortable when worn.
  6. End at one of my preferred lengths.
  7. Be one of my preferred colors.

7 tests for me to wear the pants. So where to from here? Well I started by looking at the last tissue, last muslin.