2nd Pair of Jeans for Fall/Winter 2012

I applied the tweaks I thought I needed to TJ906, i.e. shorten the leg 2″ and narrow the waistband at the waist by 1/2″.  Then I wanted to know if  my tweaks, were correct. So I made a second pair:

Model pose

Yes I know you can’t really see too much.  I believe I purchased this denim from Gorgeous Fabrics.  If not it came from Fabric.com or Fabricmartfabrics.com.  It is a stretch denim with a flocked rose design.  The fabric has already had  2 hot washes, one with a full liter of diet coke.  I’m hoping that removes the worst of the stretch. I bought this and one other denim thinking I would make a jean jacket. Over 3 years ago, I purchased I think 3 different jean jacket patterns.  So far no jean jackets have appeared in my closet.  I’ve been steadily sewing fabrics from the “blue” section of the stash hoping to reduce them so that all can fit on the designated shelf.  I looked at these denims and thought, I don’t wear jean jackets. I’m  not a jean jacket type person.  Just not.  I’ve never owned a jean jacket.  Seldom tried one on.  Why did I suddenly decide to purchase denim especially for jackets?  I’m pretty sure I coveted the fabric but didn’t want to make pants out of it.  I prefer dark, neutral, nondescript covering for my hind and leg area. I prefer a look which balances my shoulders with my hips.  Dark, neutral bottoms help make this illusion successful.  I looked at these denims and decided that I could still create that illusion, even though the fabric were not plain.  Judging by my pics above, I was right.

Color has been severely lightened.

This stretch denim might have been a better candidate for Jalie 2908.  TJ906 is not a figure hugging garment. I may slim the legs a bit more,,,, for future versions.  This length is just about perfect.  If the denim continues to shrink, which most do, the hem will eventually be well-off the floor. In the meantime, I do need to wear a shoe or boot with a little heel.  A 1-inch heel is good.  I think I may have slimmed the waist too much. I taped the waist edge as soon as it was cut and the interfaced both the waistband and its facing.  For the first time ever, without a belt these jeans sit in the proper position.  I will probably move the button over to give me more ease at the waist.  Funny turn of events eh?  I like where the waistband sits, but the crotch is then too short.  I’ve already scooped the crotch 3/8″. Actually, I don’t think the waistband was intended to sit this high. I’m going to wear these jeans like this a time or two before deciding to make any changes to them. (I’ve already taken out the dart in the waistband tissue.) Denim by its nature will spread a little.  Lycra will mold itself to the body.  What is too close during a try-on can become very comfortable as the day goes along.

This is still my favorite pattern. I prefer to avoid the confusion of multiple sizes so I’ve discarded all previous tissue versions. Once again, I have a TNT Jean pattern ready for action.