I think I’ve Got It!

That is I think I’ve got a routine for fitting Burda pants.

I chose Burda issue November 2000 style 140 for it’s jeans styling.  This is not a jean pattern but it has elements of the styling and a narrow leg. It should (and does) finish at 17.25″

It was demonstrated in leather with the instructions to make a muslin before cutting the leather. I did some research, asked for advice at Stitcher’s Guild and came to the conclusion that a denim or other firmly woven fabric would work well.  My fabric is 100% cotton.  It is similar to denim in that the warp is yarn dyed threads but the weft is white.  The weave produces a subtle twill pattern.  This fabric is lightweight. Not like gauze or voile but a  comfortable weight for summer pants.

As I said this is not a jean pattern, but it does have  jean styling elements. Note the curved front pocket, back yoke and pockets; the fly zipper. Burda gives directions for a 3-piece straight waistband.   I’m using my faithful straight waistband from my JSM pattern.  As with the two previous Burda pants patterns, I cut 2 sizes larger, except for the back inseam. I cut the back inseam 3 sizes larger. I shortened the leg by 2″.  I did not cut a hem, although I added it to the pattern.  For this version, I decided to use a bias facing.

Someone please, strike up the band ! We’re looking at the first try-on, no hems; lots of basting; no accoutrements and the back looks:


  EXCELLENT.  Really, I don’t think I need to fix a thing. I think I need to put on a belt and smooth the fabric into place. (Maybe pull the leg hem out of sandle strap) With just a little dressing effort, it’s going to be great.

I’m equally pleased with the side:
That old side seam looks perpendicular to the floor and I’m pretty sure it’s bisecting my leg nearly perfectly

Can’t complain about the unfinished front either:

I had to ease the waist to my waistband. The pant waist is, surprisingly, slightly too large.  I say surprising because my waist and hips do not have the same proportion as the standard.  According to the standard my waist is much too large and so I’m expecting to let out the waist. But  the opposite is necessary.

I promise to finish these pants and take pictures when properly styled i.e. hair, face, belt ,shoes — the little things which make such a difference.  I was so excited by these pictures, I had to share.  These pants have hardly been pressed; no effort was  made for the photos.  I was checking to see how the bu tt and crotch fit, if the leg was the right length and just general fitting.  I was thrilled to see that I have a good pair of pants to wear; and even more thrilled by the distinct probability that I have a good procedure to reach that destination pant after pant.

Burda I love your pants.


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