Willow 5

I hoped to have better news with this post.

Grocery-Line View

The pants are now cut in a fabric very nearly like the sample provided by Style Arc. The pattern was altered to add 1″ to the back and front rise; 3″ ease was added width wise and the crotch has been scooped 1″. I also shortened the leg 4″ then walked all the seams and corrected overall length.

Front with Belt

I don’t think the pant should be pulled this high. The crotch looks and feels terribly short, however without pulling the pant up, the fabric buckles and folds between my high hip bone and the hip-joint.  I’ve added 1/2″ more ease to the back than the front.  Still the back looks too tight and the front too loose. The hem circumference is now 18.5 inches very close to the 19″ of my trousers and 20″ of my flare jeans.  Not the look I was wanting.

I think I”m done. Well I”m not even going to finish this one because I can’t ignore the grocery-line view shown above.  I won’t be posting at SG or reporting back to the pattern company.  I made so many changes that I can’t blame their drafting.  I even measured the pattern with the same tape measure I used on myself. This is just not working and I’ve run out of things to try.


4 thoughts on “Willow 5”

  1. Have you tried fitting through draping a pair to your body as Peggy Sagers demos? Just a suggestion. could be that you have and I’ve missed a post. Her methods really turned on some lightbulbs for me.

    1. I watched Peggys demo, but I don’t like her patterns. Well, I really don’t like trying to figure out my size from finished measurements. I don’t use Fashion Sew Group patterns either for the very same reason. When it comes to pants, I have 2 desires 1) understand why my pants fit or don’t fit 2) create perfect pants using commercial patterns and no more than 2 alterations. So far, that’s not happening.

    2. I was just suggesting the draping on the body methods – not using her patterns. I’ve used her draping methods on a multitude of pattern brands. Anyhow, good luck!

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