originally published 4/10/12


This is why we love and work towards TNT’s.  This is the same JSM pattern I was fitting a week ago.  I was almost finished however didn’t like the way I had added to the crotch extension.  I traced new pattern making 3 changes.


I added to the back crotch extension by slashing downward through the deepest part of the U.  I am concerned about this because while it added the length I needed without adding to the length of the inseam, the scoop nearly disappeared.  I also added ease to the side of the hip.  But then I removed ease from the side-front.

These pics are the first try-on.  I’ve serged the side seams and hemmed the legs but have only basted the waistband to the pants.  All I need is a few tweaks.  I need to remove about 1/4″ from both sides at the waist.  I still see a bit too much ease across the thigh (both front and back). But I won’t make further corrections and won’t transfer the change back to the tissue.  This fabric used to be called “Calcutta”. I’m not sure if it is 100% cotton or if it is a blend. It has deep crinkles which almost act like knit stretch.  It might be possible to take these in a little bit more but I’m inclined to fix the waist and call it done. .


What happened to the CJ1010 posts?  I took them down. Temporarily.  I’ve asked for the designers help in fitting CJ 1010.