Everyone Should find Their Personal Colors

originally published4/12/12


I am writing specifically of the colors in your wardrobe which flatter your personal coloring.  There are several systems available. Personally, I think each system has something to offer. I won’t provide URL’s or recommends beyond go find your colors.  No today, I want to show one of the fabulous ways your colors work for you.


This spring I find 7 pounds has crept up on my frame.  That’s 7 plus the 20 the doctor wanted me to lose at my last checkup. I keep ignoring the doctor’s advice because it’s a lot of work to refit those TNT’s. 20 pounds means doing that at least twice and up to 4 times. 5 pounds can make the difference in how clothes hang from my frame. Now I have no choice really.  Every time I pull out one of my spring garments, it’s too small.  The knit tops will stretch (unattractively) to cover. But the woven blouses and pants refuse to even attempt.  Yes yes, I’ve already begun the diet and started the exercise. But that will take time.


In the mean time, I’m making clothing for the current me and I’m using fabrics from the “almost my color” stacks.   I figure I should use these up now.  Normally when I make something I want it to be in my wardrobe for a few years. So I want to make it to fit and flatter my body in my colors.  The almost-colors lose out. They get left on the shelf and on the rack because I’d rather have the most attractive item on my back.  I know for a fact I reach for the clothing which is most attractive on me.  The other stuff gets passed over and eventually donated in nearly pristine condition. Why make something I’m not going to wear?  But what I’m sewing now, I don’t want to wear next year.  I need clothing now that will not fit this time next year.  I”m wanting temporary items. What better time will there be for working with these almost-colors? Get them out of the stash and get some use, some return for my money.


And the fabulous way my colors are working?  Well the almost colors tend to work my colors.  Take the last pair of pants made from the current TNT JSM pattern in the almost-color of green-turquoise.


I feared I would not have coordinates and would be reduced to wearing white. But as I looked in my closet I found this TBP


completed 2 months ago.  Here I’m wearing it with blue cords and a light turquoise top.  The light turquoise  top, also works well with newly sewn green-turquoise pants.  Also lurking in my closet are short sleeve and sleeveless tops in nearly the same yellow.  The yellow, is “my yellow”. So I’m consistently making and buying garment items in this color. It’s difficult to use in bottoms.  Show through is the biggest issue for me.  When I find my colors in bottom weight fabrics, I will make and wear them. But mostly yellow is an accent color for me and is sprinkled through all season’s wardrobes as blouses, knit top, and jewelry.


These turquoise pants are not all that versatile. The fabric was really too heavy for a blouse.  It might have made a jacket or skirt (I’m not a skirt person).  I chose pants because I needed to refit my TNT pattern and would be least sorry if having wasted this particular fabric.  They will not look good with my navy blue tops. I won’t wear them with any of the blues or browns in my closet.  I haven’t decided yet but there is the possibility of wearing with my peaches, pinks and beige pieces.


The point being that knowing my colors and ensuring my wardrobe is densely packed with my colors, the pants in the off-color is not a big glitch.  I probably wouldn’t pack these for trip. But I do have enough coordinating pieces to wear these pants this spring and summer. God willing, by fall I’ll need a new pair.