CJ1010 Easter Weekend

originally published4/8/12


First a pic of how I would look if we happened to run into each other in the grocery store

I think I look like the little old lady who bought the next largest size because her size was already sold. Sigh, the fabric is beginning to ravel forcing me to decide whether I can wear these as is.  These are better than the first try on:

and certainly better than the foray into contour-waistband territory

… you don’t want to know about that.

but still not what I had in mind.  I have at this point removed 3/8″ length from the front tapering to 1-1/4″ at the back; all around the top at the waistband.  This causes  the previously fit waist area to be slightly larger and eased to the straight waistband. Err yes, the pattern does not call for a straight waistband. It’s another story you don’t want to hear all about. Trust me, the waistband is necessary for me.  I am pondering the issues.  First is the front folds of fabric which tend to surround the “good china”

I’ve removed and added to the side multiple times.  I’ve offset the side seams by varying amounts. I’ve pulled up in the center front.  I was and always am very careful about laying the fabric out on the straight of grain.  But no matter what I do these folds form in front and curve around the bottom of the front crotch. Mind you, they are comfortable only as long as I leave all the ease. I did add to the length of the front crotch when I worked with the contour waistband. The folds remained.  I also think those folds in the lower front leg are odd. It’s like draping around my knee.  I could wear these pants though.   I never tuck my blouses and you can see from the first picture that most of my issues with the front are well disguised by my normal styling.

I might even be able to ignore the issues on the sides:

The folds on the lower leg can happen from just the way I’m standing.  It’s the back, as usual that has me gritting my teeth:

The infamous X wrinkles are beginning to form.  They center over my knees but radiate up and outwards. There is also fabric creeping between my cheeks.  I have to tell you this is what I can look like after having walked all day at the zoo or at the beach. It’s not what I look like first thing in the morning.  Possibly the blouse is not the best choice to combine with these semi-fitted pants.

The question for me is what now?  As I said, the fabric is beginning to frey, forcing a decision.  I’ve done so much and ripped it back out when it worsened the problems. I can’t imagine what else to do. I think I made a gross error with the amount I added to the back crotch length or rise.  Probably compounded that by adding the extra 3/8″ to the side seams.  There should be more than enough ease. The crotch ought to fit.  I compared it with my tweaked JSM.  It is possible that my fabric does not have enough body.  I’m learning that each pant style has a narrow range of  fabrics which will work well. Maybe this fabric really doesn’t have the required hand? I’m not ready to give up on the pattern, but I think I’m done with this fabric.