TJ906 #2

originally published 2/13/12


These are the jeans from that nasty fabric I talked about yesterday:

I’m beginning to wonder about something.  I’m 3″ shorter than the standard for which patterns are drafted. I need to take out 1″ above the waist. That helps blouses fit me correctly.  In pants, I need t remove 2″ in length. Total of 3 inches. The math works.  If the pants are straight leg trousers. I lop 2″ off at the hem. But if there’s any shape to the leg, like in jeans and slacks, I remove 1″ above the knee and 1 below.  I’m beginning to wonder if I should remove 1.5 or both inches from above the knee:


These are not the diagonal lines I usually complain about. If you analyze the photo you’ll see too much ease in the back leg and too much hem on the floor. These pants are too long. But wouldn’t  it make sense to take out the extra length where the wrinkles are forming? Above the knee?


However the real issue with these pants is 5 extra pounds from the Holidays + using a size too small cannot be compensated for with 8% Lycra:


It doesn’t help that these pictures were taken while being constipated for a week either.


I wonder, sometimes, do I have size 6 legs, size 14 but! and size 16 belly? That would make for interesting alterations.


The good news is that this is a summer weight fabric and these are summer colors. I meant to wear these jeans late spring, summer and early fall. It’s possible I may lose the 5 pounds before I want to wear them. I do have a few slimmers that might help… or not


The other good news is that this is cheap Walmart fabric.  Really should have been used as muslins instead of wearable garments.


I won’t be wearing this T-shirt. I don’t like the 2 colors together.  I might wear the vest. The vest is heavily interfaced, fully lined and the fashion fabric is hefty as well. I doubt I would wear this exact vest during the summer.