originally published 3/7/12


I will always be fitting and sewing pants. Pants are half of what I wear everyday. It’s important that they look and feel nice on me, in the mirror and camera. I’m setting aside TJ902 temporarily. I’ve ordered the Sure Fit System’s pants kit. I will be drafting a pattern, which I hate to do, but drafted to my measurements. I think the experience will produce a basic sloper from which to draft other pant styles and a blue print for altering commercial patterns. I’d so love to be able to develop wearable pants from these $20 patterns I’m buying. Just as important, I’m hoping the experience of measuring the body and transferring that to the paper will enlarge my understanding. I’d like to be able to look at a pants pattern thee same way I do a top and say, that’s going to be OK or that’s not going to work at all. I can do that with tops, because of the years of sewing and tweaking tops. You know, I think I understand why a skirt was the first thing my HomeEc teachers had us sew. Skirts, especially the plain slim or A-line needed minimal pre-attention to produce a wearable. Pants are just not the same animal.