TJ902: Does your slimmer work?

originally published3/4/12


I don’t wear my slimmers all the time and prefer not to wear them during fitting.  That’s because I use my slimmer not for vanity purposes but because they are a light-weight, nearly-invisible support for my back.  I develop pain either in the small of my back or up between the shoulder blades. I have 3 types of slimmers and was wearing the long line which supports the small of my back.  I found out it works well as a slimmer.


Overnight I realized I had to fix that WB.  It had to fit.  This morning, I carefully measured the pant and compared to the measurements I wanted to achieve.  I calculated and let out the 2 back darts 1/8″ each would give me an additional 1/2″ ease– all I needed.  It did! It worked! I tried on my pants.  Took pics and discovered that my pants were no longer sitting at my waistline. They’d obviously dropped resulting in folds of fabric both front and back.  I stopped and measured my waist. Duh, it was now a full inch smaller.  Did I change the WB again?  No, I rolled the slimmer up andout of the way; ironed the pants yet again, and took more pictures.  Result, pants fit at WB.


I want to thank all of you for your support and suggestions.  I’m hung up on getting the waistband to fit.  I know from experience that many of the folds and drag lines will just go away when the garment sits where it should be sitting.   I’m not angry or upset during this process. Although I should give my face a few slaps.  Some of the errors I’ve made-like the slimmer- are just down right dumb. Dumber than dumb. Dumber than – are blond jokes forbidden? Back to my emotional state, I’m highly charged. Oh yeah.  During the night, I woke up several times reviewing the pants and looking for clues.  I made mental lists of what to check and measure in the morning and fell back asleep.  I’m rather enjoying this process of measuring, comparing, reasoning, calculating and making boo-boos.


This pair of pants will be a loss no matter what I do. It has a fade line across only the front legs about 4″ below mid-knee.  I was considering creating the look of a zip off/on leg.  A fabric tube stitched across the leg maybe over a non-working zipper.  But as I work with the fabric,  well,   I’m not liking it.  I like the color.  I like the weave.  But in the time it takes for me to take 6 photos, it is developing terrible creases.  If it was just fitting issue folds, they’d shake out.  No this fabric is creasing, not across the upper thigh and hips like you’d expect from too tight pants, but vertically and horizontally across the front and back of the legs from about high hip to hem.


It also get’s “hung-up”.  Believe me, I’m not going to spend my day smoothing my garments into place. I don’t like fussing with my clothing.  I accept a few wrinkles and creases as “what happens” during normal living.  I do not expect to look like a fashion plate.  I do not expect my clothing to look in action as it does when standing still — 3 minutes are carefully starching and ironing.  But at the same time, I do want to look nice.  I do want to look neat.


I think this is not a good choice of fabric for a pant.  I wonder if I’m wasting my time fitting a fabric which is inadequate for the intended use.  When I began this muslin, I hoped it would turn into a summer pant.  Light weight and lighter colored, it might be a comfortable and appropriate garment in spring summer and early fall. But in acutal use, it just isn’t working well.  I should be more specific, cut with the TJ902 draft, it’s not going to be a satisfactory pair of pants. It might be better for a blouse, but with the horizontal fade lines, I think I want to designate this for muslins only.  In fact, I may rapidly change it’s status  from wearable, to muslin to donate.