TJ 906 #3, for Winter Wear

originally published 2/14/12


I knew this denim was non-stretch.  I knew it was on the heavy side.  I mean, you can buy heavier and stiffer denim, but this dark wash denim is a terrific weight for winter wear.  It’s so dark a blue, it’s almost black.  I expect to wear it for quite some time.

I always like to see the pictures of how I would look in the grocery line.  These are OK.  But I want  you to see how really OK they are.  Here is the back, considerably lightened:


I’m always criticising my pants.  Here the pant looks the right length, but has too much ease in the back thigh.  I could remove some of that, especially since TJ906 has the center back seam. I may do that in future versions, but I wanted these to be very RTW and I top stitched nearly every seam.  I used a matching thread so maybe you can’t see it.  But I know all those d@mn stitches are there and I’m not taking them out.


I want you to see the really lightened front too.



I locked my knees, a bad habit of mine. But does it look like the center front is dipping down slightly?  I don’t normally see that.  I’m wondering if it’s the 5 Holiday pounds, constipation, or a glitch I hadn’t noticed before?


I wish I’d taken better pictures of the back pockets:

It is machine embroidery, but a slightly different style than I usually choose. This was designed for a pocket top and consists of a row of scallops connected to a satin stitch flower.  I’m also experiments with the placement of my pockets, but I keep returning to  aligned with the yoke or center back seam.