So how’d it fit?

originally published2/8/12


After all the discussions I’m sure what you really want to know is “How’d V7973 fit with the fish hook crotch?”


The answer is: Not that good.


I had expected the pant to be too big all over.  I compared this pattern with my JSM pant pattern before tracing.  I traced a size larger than normal because I wanted room to to tweak the fit.


V7973 has  a  camel toe issue:


is obviously too tight:

See the pantie line?

and hints of the dreaded diagonal wrinkles

No Uni-butt here.




But was a valuable sewing lesson.


First I paid no attention to the waist.  I compared with the JSM and assumed that this pattern would be similar. V7973 contained 4 extra darts and was designed for a waist 4″ smaller than I am.  I wasn’t thinking too well.  I know that I need to fit the waistline first before I attempt any other adjustments.   After the head-slapping moment, I realized I have the beginnings of a check list.



  • must finish to 34″ or the desired position on my body.

Length:  remove 2 inches from length

  • remove 1 inch  above the knee
  • remove 1 inch below the knee


  • 29.5 total inches 13 in front 16.5 in the back.
  • back needs to be lower than front i.e. fish hook configuration.


  • no wider that 20″
  • no narrower than__


This template is in it’s infancy IOW I expect to make a lot of changes/additions to the list.  Wish pants could be as easy to fit as tops, but that’s not to be.


Note: when I’m ready to make this style of pants, I actually plan to trace the upper portion onto my TNT pattern.  That’s a much faster and surer method of developing a nice fitting pant for me.  My purpose in working through this muslin was to see if the fish hook crotch was the magic fix. Nope. Not at all.  The drafting of pants need several other characteristics to even come close to fitting.