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SFD: Day Two

originally published 3/17/12


I wasn’t sure why the SFD pant was too tight, but decided to start with remeasuring my body. I  had the bright idea to take a good fitting pant, my JSM’s in Modern Gab to use for marking my preferred waistline.  I slipped them on and marked (with a children’s washable marker) on my body the top of the waistband.  Then I pinned  1″ elastic around my waist and snugged it up to that band.  MY preferred waistband was now clearly marked and wouldn’t be migrating up or down.  Then I measured downward from the bottom of the elastic and put tic marks on each of my sides at 2,3,4,5, 7, 8, 9 and 10″.    It really helped me keep the tape measure even across the body and of course I knew I was measuring in the right place.


I also constructed and used the Crotch-O-Meter as described in the pants kit.  I know from experience that my back and front crotch lengths greatly different especially the extensions.  I was unsurprised to find a 4″ difference.  I repeated the process twice just to be sure.  Then I measured the crotches from both pattern pieces, added together and found that the crotch length would be 1/4″ too short.  Since this is typically an issue for me, I added the 1/4″ to the back crotch tip.


Final correction was the pant length.  Following the instructions, I stood the tape measure up on its edge and measured down the side seam making a tic at my length.  I aligned that tic with the pattern hem line and drew in my hems.


Next up was trimming the tissue to the seam allowance.  I spent a few minutes pressing and spray starching my next muslin fabric and spread it carefully on the cutting table preparing to layout the pattern pieces and cut the fabric.


I had a sudden inspiration to walk the seam and inseams.  The side seams walked perfectly.  Not even 1/16″ off.  Beautiful.  But when I walked my inseams, I found the front inseam to be 4″ longer than the back inseam. ???   ??   ???


First thought was to recheck everything I’d done.  Which gave me the same results as I already had.


I simply didn’t know what had happened to create the unequal inseams.  Had it been 1/2″ or so, I might not  have been worried.  But 4″ has me envisioning ruffles on the inseams of my pants. I stopped that evening and wrote to Glenda.  The following day, I received a very nice email from her husband stating that Glenda was off work for the first time in 2 years on a much needed break.  I don’t doubt that for an instant.  Most people don’t realize it, but an entrepreneur doesn’t work 40 hours a week with 2 weeks vacation every year.  They are more likely to work 24/7 with 15 minutes allowed for meals. 15 minutes for all 3 daily meals. But it leave me wondering what do.