JSM_0401 Side Seams

originally published 4/5/12


So sorry but you don’t get to see the final pics. The pics just before the final, have an ugly yellow cast which also happens to blur wrinkles.  I have no idea how good the final pics are.  I took final pics and then because these pants have been handled so much and covered with erasable markers and water color pens, I threw them into the wash.  I uploaded the pics. I have no idea where. It’s one of the things computers can do to even the computer savvy.


In the final fit, the wrinkles above the hip are removed. There is still excess ease in the thigh.


As planned, I fit the side and the waist/high hip area concurrently.  I dropped the waistband another 3/8″ down from the top edge at the side seams, tapering to nothing at the out most darts (both back and front).   I removed almost 1.5″ only from the front side seam between 3 and 10″ down from the waist by offsetting the front and back seam allowance.  That effectively removed the vertical folds in front and nearly all of the side drapes.



In the final fit, the drapes at and above the hip are removed. The knee and lower leg look the same.

Although the vertical folds are gone, I still have kind of a bubble in front


In the final pic, the vertical wrinkles on either side of the zipper and diagonal wrinkles below the dart are elminated

I’m really surprised at this because I don’t remember ever having this issue with my JSM pattern.

But, I’ve worn, sewn, and ripped this garment too many times.  The waist band had stretched. At least I think it stretched. My waistline tends to change size during the day and I’ve been fitting these over 3 days time.  Anyway, I had to refit the waistband.


I realized that I’ve become overly-enamoured with fitting from the pics.  I think it took far too long to fit these pants.  Towards the end, I realized I had completely abandoned the time honored fitting technique of check in the mirror and pinching out.  I have been looking at the pic, trying to estimate where the issue is and how much to remove.  By standing in the mirror and actually pinching out the excess in the front, I was able to solve the front vertical folds immediately.  I then pulled up the side, until the side drapes seemed to disappear. I took pics, the yellow ones that are hard to see, and then retook the pics which were uploaded into the ethers.   So I do believe that I’ve fixed the fit issues from the thigh up.  I haven’t looked into the excess ease over the back thigh.  I did add belt loops before stitching everything permanently.


In the end, I felt uneasy. Oh these pants are fine and I will wear them.  It’s just that having made 90 tweaks feels like overkill.  Like I’m correcting the wrong thing or in the wrong order. I keep thinking that fitting should be a fairly elegant process.  I should know what my body needs and how to achieve it without many alterations and fitting sessions. I need to think about this.