CJ1010: Waist

originally published4/7/12


I’m always amazed at how much difference a fabric makes. The sheeting in the sample, felt fine at the waistline and in the legs( before I patched the back crotch).  But this nice cotton/poly, linen-look fabric was  astonishingly too large.

Yes, I did add 3/8″ to the side seams, but I also sewed 3/8″ deeper i.e. instead of a 5/8″ SA, I made a 1″ SA only at the side seams.  My first thought was if the pants were too big all over, why not just take them in at the sides?



Maybe because my butt and hips needed the extra across them. And gee look at those back leg wrinkles and front camel toe. Know else is going on here?  Don’t try to guess let me tell you:  I’m not comfortable with the waistline sitting at the hip level. I keep yanking the waistline up to the waist. Sigh…


Back to the sewing room –thank goodness I’m using WSS in the bobbin– rip out sides and facings and start adjusting only the waist. I add 2 front darts each approx 1/4″ deep and take the back crotch in about 1/8″.


This is much improved. Even the back wrinkles are greatly reduced. I threw away many more pics because I kept yanking up the pants; then yanking down just as the camera flashed.  I am not comfortable with the waist this low.  I’m greatly concerned.  I’m reading discussion that this hip-level waistline is the most attractive for most women. But it’s not going to be all that good for me if I’m unable to stop yanking my pants up.  Any suggestions?  Technically THE WAIST FITS but I’m reluctant to continue due to being uncomfortable with the waistline level. Also the sides want to slip down which I suspect is causing the wrinkles visible in the back leg and side.  Also the crotch is not wonderfully comfortable.  It feels better than the one-seams ever did and looks just as good. It is possible that after a wearing, the fabric would adapt just the tiny bit needed for my comfort.  I don’t think that’s going to help me with the waistline level.