Christine Jonson 1010

originally published 4/5/12


I’m a sucker for pant patterns.  I bought this one after a recommendation from my sewing angel who also strongly recommended I make the pattern following Christine’s instructions, at least the first time.


For starters, customer service is incredible.  The pattern arrived in about 3 days time.  I wasn’t expecting it until next week and was still contemplating the refitting of my JSM.  I decided to jump ship and start the 1010.


I had resisted buying pants patterns from CJ because of her direction that “the crotch area of the pant is never to be changed.  If you decide to redraw..you may as well stop now.”  I truly dislike the underlying attitude of –Mine is the only right way. Follow my directions or die.– Consider all the bodily shapes out there. Add to that how subjective “fit” is and IMO it is impossible for one method, one shape to satisfy every person. Yet the attitude persists. I will try this pattern, but I will also feel free to change everything, including the crotch shape.


So I get my pattern and start reading the instructions which say “choose the size pattern to be used based on the actual tissue pattern measurements…not the body measurement chart. My pattern comes with these measurements.” Uh  no; not on the 1010 flare leg. I looked.  Finally I dug out my tape measure and tried to decided where to measure.  There are two landmarks. The grain line and the add/remove length line. That’s it. OK there are 2 back darts.  So I did a by guess and by golly measuring at the waistline and again just above the crotch.  I came up with some weird numbers.  I’m going to blame myself for this one. Maybe I just really don’t know where to measure.  I was trying to measure a size 16 and had 44 inches at the waist and 62 across the hip.  I’m suppose to “choose a hip size that gives approx 3″ of hip ease.”  Not working. I check the body chart.  Size 16 will do.


Next I’m supposed to baste together a sample pair, in a woven fabric but skipping the facing and zipper.  I use an old sheet.  I’m already unsure of this pattern and not willing to waste a really good fabric.  I do press it and give it a whiff of starch; lay out my size 16 pattern pieces and cut. Then I notice, no fly. There is a big dot in the middle of the back crotch probably for the zipper. So I stop to read my destructions a little further. — I’m in the Read a step Do the step mode.


The next instruction down says “try the pants and and pin the back zipper opening closed at 5/8″”  I don’t have a lot of reach towards the back.  I’m also fitting this by myself. Yep just me and my camera no other human help.


I remember when I followed those instruction for the body cover for my dressform. I want you to know that there are 9 back scratchers in my house.  Because I can’t reach my back and relieve the itch. Now I’m supposed to put the bodice on (I’m still recounting the dressform experience) I’m supposed to put the bodice on and reach back there and pin it together?? Didn’t happen. I put in a zipper almost immediately.   It’s also been a long time since I’ve had a back or side pant zipper.  Why?  I’ve settled on a front zipper because it’s much harder sometimes impossible to tweak the final fit with a side zipper.  I can fit with a back zipper.  I can even zip a back pant zipper up–but it ain’t easy.  I’m not even going to consider trying to pin the back together with my body inside. Besides being afraid I’d impale myself, I don’t have the flexibility to do a good job. CJ goes to some effort to describe fitting the back crotch.  The back crotch is a sticking point for me, no matter what pattern I used.  I’m actually somewhat eager to follow her instructions. So my only opition is to pin the front together.


My point here?  I haven’t even started this pattern and I’m not following instructions.  Can this possibly work?


BTW, I’m very analytical; very detail orientated.  My dad used to say I was the scientist of the family– when he wasn’t calling me the judge.  He always thought I’d make a great Supreme Justice. What I want you to know is that I’m not feeling negative.   Sometimes when I detail my experiece, people think I’m frustrated and upset. No, or at least not yet with this pattern.  I wanted to follow the instructions but didn’t and now I’m making excuses.  I didn’t because I know myself.  My previous experiences tell me that some things just won’t work for me or I can’t work with them.. Such as reaching around the back to pin the back together. It’s the advantage of 6 decades of living–knowing what you can’t do.  Really it’s an advantage but if this pant fails someone will say that’s because I didn’t follow the instructions.  I’m OK with that. I just want you to know that I’m optimistic about this pant and I’m workin it the best I can.