Update: 143’s 46/48

originally completed 10/10/11

I had the pleasure of wearing the completed dual sized pants all day (46 front with 48 back) today:

… and must confess they are not done.  I hemmed these at 2″ and they are still too long. The pant hems touch the floor.  Certain moves drag the hems along stair and floor surfaces. I will rehem, rising the hems another 1/2″ after the next laundry.  (I’ll also mark the pattern -yet again,,,like time number 3- for the higher needed hem…. much needed.  I’m in the habit, enforced by 40 years of office life, of hemming my pants 1/4″ above the floor.  Once I don pants and shoes with some type of heel, my pant hems would then have been at least 1″ above the floor.  My retired life utilizes mostly a house-shoe of some type.  My previously normal hem is just not appropriate.  You’d agree if you’d seen the nasty edge of my pants.

But this post has more important information than the revelation of my short status and need for higher hems.

My fabric falls in the category of none-to-slight amount of give.  Usually the amount of “give” is expressed in the opposite manner i.e. slight-to-none. I deliberately reversed the expression to emphasize how unforgiving this fabric really is.  Thankfully it ravelled but slightly. The final serging trimmed 1/2″ and longer strings, but the strings were spaced 2 or more inches apart.

Wearing these pants, especially all day, was surprising.  If ever there is a time when ill-fitting garments will make their existence known, it is during this activity: my 2 hours spent sitting in the doctors’ office. This is an activity guaranteed to induce fidgeting in the nearly everyone. But fidgeting is especially prevalent when wearing ill-fitting clothing.   These pants were comfortable all day long. I checked the pants in the mirror at the beginning of the day.  The pants hung nicely, very nicely. I wore them with the fabulous CLD Ebb blouse completed in May 2011:

This is a winning combination, elegant, comfortable, casual-but-not-lazy/careless. Fabulous.

But back to the reason for today’s post, because this is very important.  This is extremely important.  This is so important I cannot emphasize enough:  this fabric with no discernible ease was comfortable all day long. Let me repeat: ALL DAY LONG. The comfortableness of these pants, can only be due to only one thing: the perfect draft of the pants.

Now look, I spent years thinking I was weird.  Somehow my body, while it looked “normal” was different from “normal”.  It was only a few years ago that I learned, well I was shocked to learn that 99% of the population does not come anywhere near to “normal” measurements. 99% of the population is “weird”.  So while I’m sure that what works for me won’t work for probably 50% of you, I do encourage you to consider the idea of using different sizes for front and back.  You only need to try it once. You might find, as I did with my Burda pants, that the perfect draft, is TWO drafts.