One Seams Prototype: 3

originally published 10/12/11


I’m pleased. I not only finished these, but wore them all day long. They are tremendously comfortable.



I need to stop right here and thank the people who insisted Louise’s elastic was entirely different and a substantial improvement over any other elastic for sale. They were right. Ummm, they ARE right. This elastic is well worth the cost and effort to acquire. Purchasing in 10 yard rolls makes it economical both in regards to the postage costs and most effective use. By purchasing 10 yards, I get 3 and nearly 4 free waistbands as opposed to buying 1 yard packages and throwing away 9″ from each. Using the joining procedure Louise Cutting recommends, that nearly a fourth becomes a full WB with the next purchase. I’m not a greenie, but I do like knowing that this purchase strategy nets me free waistbands.


I’m really pleased with this pattern. I love Louise’s instructions for fitting. Should I be asked, I would direct any and every -one to buy this pant pattern first. For one thing, an early success will have a new sewist eager to tackle other sewing projects. Once the average sewist has worked through the fitting instructions, I believe they have in their hands a pattern than can be pants in under 2 hours. Yep, do believe that the average sewist – once fitting issues are resolved – can start and be finished in under 2 hours. Within the envelope, are instructions for changes which will create seemingly different pants–all from the same fitting. If the sewist will develope a knit version, a shorts or a cropped version, they have in their hands the perfect tool for filling out their wardrobes; reclaiming all the orphaned tops in the closet; and creating coordinates out of the chaos called “My Closet”. This is an excellent pattern. Louise Cutting deserves all the praise and awards she has received……………………………………………………………… and a few more.