Stylin’ Along

originally published9/29/11



I thought to post a pic of how I’d probably wear these pants, if I were to complete and wear them. 15 years ago this was a fabulous fabric.  I could wear these pants all day and look as nice as when the day started.  There were a very few versions of this 100% polyester twill that would wrinkle right across the front crotch, if you wore your pants a size too small.  But for the most part, many women wore these pants, started the laundry and set their timer.  As soon as the timer rang they rushed to the dryer and removed the almost dry trousers immediately to a hanger.  Many felt that the rush to the dryer was worth it because they were rushing by the iron.  I didn’t have that problem.  I don’t mind ironing. DH says I enjoy it.  None the less in it’s hey day, this was the fabric of choice for women in the office.  Then the weavers discovered how to merge Lycra with cotton. 1% Lycra 99% cotton is infinitely more comfortable to wear; ages nicely; resist pilling and resists snagging.


But back to the pic, I just look sloppy. The pants look too big in front. What’s with that?  Well I got it in my mind that I should take a pic with the waistline smoothed into place.  The first set of pics I pulled the waistline up in front until the pant front was smooth.  This time, I pulled the front waist down to my natural waist, which is tilted to the front. This difference is astonishing. Compare the two.  In each comparison, the left view is with the waistline pulled up, the right is the waistline in natural position



Amazingly, the back no longer looks too tight, but I still feel it pulling downward. I’m wondering if it needs scooping at the back crotch or just increasing? Side and front views look obviously looser creating that sloppy look in the opening pic.


I still haven’t heard from Louise.  Please take that as just a statement, not a whine or complaint. Louise did warn that she was terribly busy.  She’s also helping out of the goodness of her heart. Usually she gets paid to do this kind of work. My husband and I are retired. We often find that people expect us to drop everything and run to help them. The assumption seems to be that if you don’t have a 9-5 job, you don’t have anything to do and are obligated to assist whenever asked.  I certainly do not want to force myself on someone else, like has been done to us.  So Louise hasn’t had time. I’ve decided to hang these on a hanger and forget them. Just this pair.  If./when Louise comes back into the picture I can work with her some more. Until then I’ve decided to reverse the crotch adjustment and …………

…………………………………………………………………………………..make another muslin.


I want to fix the crotch issue before I even think about the excess ease I’m seeing in front.  I don’t know if that can be fixed.  I’m not a pattern drafter. I have very rudimentary knowledge of the process.  For me to fix a draft, it has to be simple.


I too am busy–retired is not the same as nothing to do– but I will get to my next muslin by the end of the day. Oh and I do admit that the changes Louise has suggested so far,(excepting the crotch tilt),  vastly improved the fit of these pants