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How Juvenile was that?

originally published9/25/11


I’m  referring to my post on Friday, September 23.  At the conclusion of that post, I sorted through, located and discarded all one-seam type pants (except for the underwear in KS3661). Then I proceeded to the more urgent sewing, my outfit for the DU dinner. The excitement of planning and attending this major-to-me social event, allowed my left brain to contemplate the disaster from Sandra Betzina’s one-seam type pants and contemplate my own behavior and thought patterns.  Only 48 hours later and I’m realizing how very childish my reaction and final purging truly was.


For some strange reason, so strange I can’t imagine what it is, I’m still wanting “instant gratification” in a pants pattern.  I want to select my size from the measurements given; then  trace or trim the tissue of a new pants pattern; cut fabric and sew a nearly perfectly fitting pair of pants. Somewhere in the depths of my psyche, I want to make no more effort than just described and yet produce perfection.  I could be clinging to this fantasy because it is exactly what so many patterns promise.  They say words to the effect, all you need to do is measure where I tell you, alter where I tell you and you will have beautiful pants.  They say, if you’ll just abandon all the knowledge  you’ve accumulated through years of experiments and failures; if you’ll just believe on me and forget the reality which is you; all your trouser/pant fitting problems will be fixed with my perfect pattern.  Oh and I want to believe. Mind you, I don’t need a new God.  I don’t really want to abandon everything I’ve every learned; or turn my back on the teachings of experts that I’ve admired and followed for years.  But I have such problems fitting pants, I keep wanting to believing these new Satan’s.  Wanting to believe, even though I know I’m shorter than the figure they design for.  Wanting to believe, even though I know I’m heavier than the figure they design for.  Desperately wanting to believe, even though I know that my hip, tummy, tilted waist, and pudgy knees are rarely a consideration for any designer. So I try the new pattern, get disgusted and toss it into the trash.


Thing is, I do have a couple of Sewing Angels on my side. One of the most delightful women, who also shares my obsession with pants, marciae, believes that any pant pattern can be fitted to you IF you are willing to invest the time and material.  Please note it is not any pant which can be fitted; it is any pattern.  Obviously if a woman who is a size 3X buys a size 6 petite pant, there’s not nearly enough fabric to go around the fluffier body.  But the same lady could take a size 6 child’s PATTERN, invest much time, make several muslins AND finish with a nice pant.  So why was I in such a hurry to toss all my one-seam type pants patterns?  Honestly, I was trying to get together a nice outfit for the dinner and wanted to believe all the hype. I wanted to believe all the people who said “the biggest mistake I made on the first pair, was not using a good fabric so I could wear these.” Yep, there are people who can say and do that. I’m not amongst them.  I need to remember this experience for the future.  In the future, when I need garments quickly, I need to limit my choices to my TNT patterns. Right from the get-to, I need to say I’m only considering patterns already fit; already proven to be winners.


About the one-seams, I retrieved all the pattern from the trash and I’m seriously reconsidering.