2011 DU

originally published 9/25/11


DH took the pics with his camera.  I’ve never before seen him have an issue of blurring the photos. Every photo is blurred on the bottom half which makes it difficult to evaluate the pants. The fabric is a microfiber twill with a satin back and a napped front surface.  It looks more like a dense, low pile velvet.  It’s only on close inspection that you realize it has a twill weave.  It is lovely, soft, sensual and warm.  I’ve had this fabric for a while too.  I could never decide, jacket or pants?  I don’t need as many jackets these days, so dressy pants it was.  Now oddly enough, while  I think the dressy blouse will seldom come out of the closet, I do think I will wear these dressy pants many times.  That is if I figure out how to fix their issue.


On the back view, I can tell that one side is hiked up higher at the waist than the other and both leg hems seem to be catching on my heels which accounts for the wrinkling. The side view:


while not bad, I really had not anticipated that the pants would follow my form so closely.  I mean, this is my TNT JSM (Miller) trouser pattern that I’ve made a dozen times and never noticed it clinging to my butt and the back of my thighs.. Really really odd because from the front:


the sides looks like a cowl has been added.  I’m not sure if they just aren’t pulled up correctly or if something else is going on.  I do know that every fabric affects the fit of the pants.  I’ve had wadders even with my TNT patterns because the fabric wouldn’t cooperate. Such as when the Jalie 2908 jean pattern specifies 3% Lycra and  I couldn’t pull up over my hips  the pants made with  5% Lycra. I didn’t have a matching zipper, so I made these with a pocket opening and 17″ of elastic across the back.  The first thing I’m going to do, is take pictures with my own camera making sure that I pull my pants up evenly all the way around.  If that doesn’t fix my cowl problem. I will remove the elastic from the back. My 3rd and final fix would be to let out the waistband at the sides and pull up until the wrinkles smooth out.  If that doesn’t work, well I’ve may have an expensive wadder.  May have, because if I wear a tunic, as I did last night, the folds aren’t visible.