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Burda Shorts 2010-06-115

originally published 07/02/11


Just a note harkening back to the Burda Shorts I made Burda 2010-06-115

I was pleased with these when my sewing was completed on Jun 16 (posted June 19), but the weather intervened and I was unable to wear them until today.  Wearing is critical in my evaluation of a pattern or even in purchasing a garment.  I’ve found that garments can feel and look fine for the first minutes they are worn -whether the wearing is in the sewing room or the changing room at the store- but as a full day of wearing goes along, the garment reveals it’s very own personality.  (I’m convinced that some garments were crafted by the devil himself and reveal their personalities only when you can be mortified by embarrassment.) So today when wearing these, I’m terrifically pleased.  I did add about 2″ of ease (an extra 1/2″ at each side seam adds up to a full 2″).  I’m pretty sure that ease can be completely removed because the crotch is wonderfully comfortable.  True the microfiber in the micro cord adds to the comfort. But it is the faithful copy and use of the crotch from my perfect Burda Bermuda’s (Burda 2010_06_115) that sealed the deal. I’m quite sure I’ll be trying to copy that crotch again and again. After all, NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS.