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Autumn 2011 6PAC: Garment 2 Finished

originally published8/18/11


I’m calling this garment (jeans TJ906)  finished:



But it leaves something to be desired:



Aug 19 ETA:  I’m perplexed at the tightness of this pair of jeans.  I deliberly chose a larger size.  I’m wearing jeans today made with the same pattern.  My jeans would fall off my body, if not for the belt cinch them to my waist.  I also tried on the last pair of pants made from the size smaller.  Although the scales reports another half pound gone, the older pants are still close fitting, but not unwearable.  The new jeans can be worn, if I also wear long tops.


Unfortunately I have been the victim of a lying scale.  Stop laughing because it’s true.  Let me explain.  I’ve been fluctuating between 1 and 3 pounds ever since I lost 12 pounds in January 2010.   On the one hand I felt like I should get control of myself and finish losing the last 20 pounds.  On the other, I was pleased with the new body and didn’t really want to re-fit patterns or do the required dieting.  So as long as I just fluctuated the 3 pounds, I pretty much ignored the problem.  Then the battery died on my digital bathroom scales.  I tried replacing the battery while at Walmart.  No surprise, they did not of course have the battery for a product sold 4 years ago.  I looked at new scales, but was aghast at the $50 price tag for a new digital sale.  I bought instead the $6.88 old fashioned mechanical dial.


It was not entirely satisfactory.  You see the tick marks designating pounds were not only 5′ away from my eyes, they were tiny.  I could see them if I bent my knees, bent over at my waist and got my head about 14″ from the display. But I could also see the scale rotating back and forth. I have this old habit, ridiculous of course, but hard to break.  I weigh myself once a month, on a Saturday morning after arising and having a B.M. but before having anything to eat. Oh yeah, I don’t wear any clothes during this ritual either.  This created my first challenge.  Because I couldn’t see those tick marks with out my glasses, which were not in the bathroom,  I had to dress to fetch my bifocals. Then, of course, I refused to weigh myself when carrying the additional “tonnage”.  This would delay the Saturday weigh-in until I managed to get bifocals into the bathroom before beginning the Monthly Saturday Ritual.  I didn’t really like weighing while even wearing bifocals.  But finally admonished myself, they couldn’t weigh more than 3 ounces.  I weighed the bifocals on the postage scale just to prove it.  Son of a gun, they do weigh 9 ounces. I therefore allowed myself to deduct a full pound from whatever the scales were displaying.  I did notice that the scales swung back and forth with the slightest of moves.  Such as sucking in my belly so I could bend downwards to the scale face. It was actually possible to get 3 different weights by stepping off and on the scale 3 times.  If I didn’t believe any of those 3, I could bend my knees to different angels and note a few more.  No matter what I did, these scales didn’t report over my new “normal” (150 pounds for those of you that must have details and facts.)


After about 2 months, I tired of games in the bathroom, er games with the bathroom scales.  I purchased a new digital scale. Also from Walmart, but for the cost of $19.88 and it uses a standard 9V battery.  The new scale however promptly reported that I was 3 pounds above normal. I wasn’t sure if it was right or not.   I asked myself,  how I could not be aware of gaining 6 pounds. I really wanted to believe that the new scale was the one with truth telling issues. DH then mentioned that he too had gained, but 10 pounds. It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I’d been having problems with reflux (which settles down when I’m below the normal weight) and some, but not all of my woven shorts were feeling a little closer fitting.   I had to believe the new scale was telling the truth and somehow the old scale managed to lie.   (BTW this gain in weight is sans clothes, sans bifocals, after BM and before eating of drinking.)


I am happy to say I  lost about 1.5 pounds the first week.  I’m pleased that it seems to be easy for my to lose weight nowadays.  That wasn’t always true. Partly, it’s the reduction in stress.  Retirement is not nearly so demanding and draining as going to work everyday.  It’s also a result in a change of eating habits.  We’re simply not eating out as often.  I don’t know why restaurant food (good restaurants too not just fast food) is more fattening than food you cook at home for yourself, but it truly is less fattening to cook and eat your own cooking.  I also eat when I’m hungry rather than on someone else’s schedule.  Which means I’m  adding fuel for my body when it needs fuel.  My body in turn is burning the available fuel instead of storing it as fat.  To lose weight though, I needed to make some other changes.  My first was to stop eating after 6PM.  I do this first because it also helps with the reflux.  It’s hard to change the desire to eat after 6PM.  So I don’t change anything else, until I can go without eating after 6PM.  I do allow myself to eat whatever, and whenever I want during the day.  Once the craving for food after 6PM stops, I cut back on deserts; then cut back on size portions.  Funny enough, turning on the music while I’m downstairs helps too.  I’m not sure how, I just know that it’s one more piece of the puzzle that helps me shed the pounds.


So that pants at the beginning are being counted as done, even though they are just barely wearable. I was truly surprised since I used a size larger pattern to cut this pair.  The fabric is 100% linen.  My experience this summer with 100% linen is that is shrinks every laundry. Yes, really. When the pants that were 1/2″ below your ankle appear 3″ above the ankle, they shrunk.  You may have grown too, but they definitely shrunk. I cut a larger size thinking it would help get a few more wearings out of this pair of pants.  I believe that I won’t be using 100% linen for clothing anymore. My blouses and tops suffered the same fate as the pants. So while I love 100% linen, I will be looking for linen blends or linen look-a-likes for my clothing. Autumn is still several weeks away for me and since I’m already losing weight, I feel confident in updating my chart: