Almost Shorts (Burda 2010_06_143)

originally published 6/18/11


This interesting stripe was purchased from Denver Fabrics over a year ago.  At the time I was in love with my Jalie 2908 jeans which required 3% Lycra.  Denver Fabrics listed this cotton sateen as having 3% Lycra.  I purchased it and a few other similar cuts. To my horror 3% Lycra in cotton sateen does not stretch the same as 3% Lycra in cotton denim. Nope, not like each other at all.  My Lycra denim pulls snugly up over hips and thighs settles in, slims the waist and reveals a figure I thought lost 30 years ago.  This cotton sateen won’t pull up over the thighs and of course bunches from there down totally unwearable.  I tossed the pants. Used the other similar cuts developing my TDF Ciggie pants and placed this 1 yard scrap in the Under2’s.  I was convinced that the pattern is the issue.  The fabric works really well, but in a different pattern.


2 years later, I’m in need of shorts and stoically trying to reduce the Under2’s .  I pull out this fabric and Burda 2010_04_143.  I made a few alterations to the pattern (fodder for another post) and cut the fabric.  Then I had a think…..


In fact I had a walk from downstairs in the  Sewing Studio to upstairs in the closet.  I have nothing, NOTHING to wear with this fabric.  The neutrals I thought would work are cream and white.  I have nothing in short or sleeveless styles in cream or white.  I am a pastels person.  Really, they flatter me where many intense colors wash me out and make me look ill.  Bright white is not the best color for me either. But the off-whites and creams are good choices. Except that I’m a klutz.  That’s right, even at the table I manage to drip food all over me.  I tell people “I love food so much, I wear it.”.  But we all know, I’m a Klutz and therefore my light colored tops, including off-whites and creams- tend to be cycled into the rag box within a month or two of inception.


Regardless, when I make this fabric into shorts, it will be hanging in the closet, unselected the entire season.  Unless I purchase or make something to coordinate.  I don’t have plans to make or buy so the cut pieces are hanging downstairs in the projects closet.  I suspect they will be reutilized for facings and small projects or I’ll get tired of seeing them in the projects closet and they will hang in File 7.