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3 Shorts in 2.5 Days

originally published7/9/11


So pair one, for which there are no photos at all, turned out wearable.  I know because I’ve already worn them.  Nothing tells me how well a garment is going to fit as does wearing the garment all day.  I’ve tried. Believe me.  I’ve read all kinds of hints. Asked many many people both those I know and some that I just admire greatly.  The bottom line is to determine how well a garment is going to fit and work in my life, I need to wear it all day.


Well guess what??  This pair is usable in my summer wardrobe.But I’m rather surprised that the pattern used for grey corduroy pair tested and fit just a week ago; and wonderfully loved ; was remarkably different from the dark blue interlock made just 3 days ago.  To my great surprise the shorts feel wonderful everywhere EXCEPT the front crotch length.  It feels and acts like it is at least 1/2″ too long. Totally surprised, took off the blue pair and compared it to the grey pair.  The blue pair is narrower (I did remove 3/4″ from the side seams) but otherwise seems to be the same as the grey pair.  However during wearing, the grey corduroy is perfectly comfortable, but the blue knit is just too d@mn long in the front crotch.


Did I say I was astonished?  Well so much so that I folded out 3/4″ from the pattern front and back (vertically so as to remove excess ease) but made no other changes to the basic pattern.  I did add a back pocket and an interesting front pocket otherwise my cut and construction is exactly the same for the black pair as the previous blue pair.  The result?  Neat appearance, fit seems fine everywhere except the front crotch. Which strangely feels only slightly too large. Just slightly; not even enough to measure.  I know what I’m experiencing is the difference that individual fabrics can make.  I’ve decided NOT to change the basic pattern.  I’ve marked the front and back so that I know where to fold out excess ease for knit fabrics; and a note on the pattern for checking the front crotch length.  But the pattern remains the same; just BIG reminders to adjust for fabric idiosyncrasies.


Oh and the pockets?  Of these I’m so pleased:



The back:



Close up of pocket:

Front pocket but you are see it from a side view:


And WOW you notice the back more than the front pocket, which is way, way too bad.  The front pocket extends from inside the waistband to about 4″ above the hem; and from the center front into the side seam. It is a patch pocket i.e. stitched on the outside with a very interesting side opening.  The side opening was a 6″ rectangle on which I free-handed rounded the rectangular curves and then stitched a binding.  I stitched binding right-sides together, then flipped to the wrong side except that I did not press the SA’s to the inside.  That gives a little body to pocket opening.  Well, that and the 4″ of interfacing I fused to the inside of the pocket along that edge.  When I was working with it, I thought the pocket was a good idea but kind of cludgy.  When I finished, I couldn’t have been more pleased.  In fact, I’m so sorry that my pictures don’t show how terrific a pocket this is.  My much lightened picture below shows a little more detail but doesn’t show how great this pocket is IRL.  I will use this pocket finish again.  It’s just THAT good.



Oh and tomorrow will be the 3rd pair of shorts.