3 in 2.5 (Final post)

originally published7/10/11


I thought I’d thrown in this interesting link How to pose for photos mostly because I’d like to have this reference handy for myself, but also because when a sewist starts wanting to share their projects, they start asking about how to take photos.  Knowing how to pose, is going to improve the look of your sewn garment.


Now onto the real subject of today’s post:  My Third and final pair of shorts from Burda2010_04_143, which I’m lovin and hope I’m Rockin.


See I took the time during cutting to plan a little more.  I already had a good idea how they would fit because of the grey shorts.  I trimmed 3/8″ from the sides seams then planned back and front pockets.  The back pockets are my favorite acorn shape with a neat embroidery.


I love putting machine embroidery on pants pockets.  I just think it’s an ideal spot for a touch of interest.  I don’t know why but when I look at this embroidery, I think pears.  No pears in the actual embroidery just leaves and vines.  Pears have leaves but no vines so I have no clue why I’m thinking pears.  I did a little top stitching. I wanted to highlight my front pockets which are a little unique.


The hand opening is narrow, less than 2″ wide but tall a tall 7″. 6″ is the standard for women and children. (Children?  Yes pockets on childrens clothing should be mommy-sized because that’s who has to clean them out before laundering.)  Instead of a pocket facing, I’ve stitching a 1″ bias binding right sides together, then wrapped around the seam edge and stitched to the wrong side.  The piece which forms the front of the pant behind the pocket is then top stitched to the pant front.  I used a polyester embroidery thread, the same one as used for the vines on the back pocket.


My top stitching looks like double needle work, but it isn’t.   One of the many things I love about my HV Ruby is the shape of the feet.  I actually have several guides just in the feet. You know, like when you stitch a pressor foot away from the previous line of stitching?  Because of the engineering involved for my foot there are several notches and angles that I can line up with the previous line of stitching AND be very accurate. So accurate that it looks like double needle stitching.


Once again I’ve used a fabric from my Under2’s this pair is a cotton corduroy with little or nor stretch, but I used the same pattern.  Where the two previous pairs felt too long in the crotch, the front crotch of this corduroy feels fine. I might like 1/2″ more in the back crotch.  I also find that the waistband, made with the same pattern that I now use for all my waistbands is just a tad too long. Just a tad.  I mention this because I’ve become endlessly fascinated by the effect different fabrics have on the same pattern.  I like this pair as well or better than the knits.  I envision wearing the knits mostly at home, but the corduroy pair are good for public display.