TJ906 Final Fitting

originally published  4/1/2010

Have some pics to share of Trudy Jansens Jean pattern 906.  These for “real” jeans were constructed of a brown medium weight twill. I’ve had them finished for a few days but didn’t have time to take pictures.  Then we took a short trip which delayed me more and finally I’ve run out of room at Flickr.  Flickr now wants me to upgrade.  So I’m onto my next free picture hosting site Photobucket.  At least Photobucket says up front that you get 5000 free photos.   Well at the rate I’m going (about 100 photos per month).  This will be good at least the rest of 2010.  Flickr on the other hand, said I could upload 100,000 kb a month, free always.  Not so, at 200 pictures I must start paying. 

So I have 2 photos at Photobucket to share with you.  These are a composite of 3 poses.  I took many pictures of the final pair.  I wanted to see if the fully finished jean needed any tweaking.  To my surprise each change I make, makes a difference in how the pant fits.  See the back below:

The far left labeled no shoes, is my backside without a belt and without shoes.  I’m standing spread eagle hoping that will allow the pants to fall freely and not be hung up.

In the middle picture I have put on my shoes and added the belt. Wow what a difference.  I do feel that these jeans are a little loose at the waist and still a little tight across the bum.  I had one suggestion to add another 1/2″ to the back crotch extension.  I did consider doing that. In fact, I was planning to implement the suggestion.  But I looked carefully at my previous pictures and realized that the 1/2″ I’ve already added made no difference.  I don’t think that’s the solution.  Since it feels and looks tight right across the bum, I think I should add 1/4 to either the outseam or inseam not both.  I think I’ll try the inseam first. That would add the 1/2″ already suggested, add ease right where it’s needed without adding to the waist which is already too large.

My far right photo shows how I’d probably be styling.  This is pretty typical for me, shoes, top of some kind and vest.  I love my vests.  They allow me to take all my toys (PDA, IPOD and CELL) everywhere I go. For the far right picture, I tried not to pose.  I tried to assume just a regular stance, looking like I do at the grocery store.  To my surprise, the pants look even better. 

I haven’t been a belt wearer. But I’ve found that belts help with the flexible waist factor.  My waist will change sizes from the time I get up, till noon and again till night. Or it may stay the same all day.  Yes a big meal will affect the waistline, but so are  water retention, bodily waste, fatigue and some other unknowns having an effect.  

Now for the front

For once in my life, I think the back view is better than the front!  Still I’m pleased with the center and far right photos.  Styling makes all the difference.  I used to say everything is fine as long as you and your clothes are clean and neat.  I didn’t even require pressing.  But I now feel that styling is important.  Looking at yourself from a total point of view; i.e. putting yourself together as opposed to throwing something on. I like the far right photo, completed with the vest, the best.  Even though I see a few extra wrinkles.  Those wrinkles are from the way I normally stand.  

Actually, I’m not inclined to tweak anything.  This year I’ve lost 3 pounds every month.  This is a good thing.  My doctor would like me to lose 30 pounds.  I’d like to lose 20.  Since I get to determine what I eat, it’s going to be 20.  At this rate I only have 6 months to go.  When I’ve lost 10 pounds it will be time to look at a smaller size.  I’m serious.  Clothing sizes have been changing for me every 10 pounds.  It is nice to see my youthful body coming back.  I look and feel younger (I was feeling about 90 there for a while).  But it’s hard on the wardrobe.  I can’t sew now and expect to wear next year.  But do I throw away this seasons clothes (at the end of the season of course) or wait to be sure I will lose the pounds?  Do I tweak the pattern to fit me now or wait with the tweak until I’m not planning to lose more weight?  What was that about every action having a reaction?