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Summer Shorts are coming along

originally published5/20/11


At Stitchers Guild, someone recently asked if anyone sewed multiples.  Like several of the same garment at the same time.  Normally I can’t count mine as true multiples.  I may use the same pattern multiple times but I’m usually tweaking with a minor design change or embellishment to make it look different. Also, other then when I’m fitting a pattern, I seldom make one after the other.   I’ll make one now and another no sooner than 30 days later.  There are some patterns that even though their design lines are unique, I keep a version in the spring/summer wardrobe and another in the fall/winter wardrobe.  I’ve been doing that with La Fred’s Athena blouse ever since I bought the pattern about 20-25 years ago.  It’s just that good.


But this year I need to add shorts to my closet for the summer months. I could have worked with one of my pants TNT patterns (and I probably will at some point), but I was truly interested in seeing if I could work out a fitting procedure for Burda pants.   I haven’t been making them one right after the other though.  I’ve been making a pair. Wearing it for a day while constructing a different garment and then making another.  So I’m still not sure that I’m making multiples of Burda 2010_04_143, but I’m adding in record time copies in different lengths  to my wardrobe.  The latest pair was quick quick quick to sew.  I cut, permanently stitched darts, zipper and pockets; serged the side seams, inseams and crotch and then basted the waistband.  I tried them on and said “Good Enough As is” then permanently stitch the waistband and added the button/buttonhole closure.


Truth is, they still have just a little too much ease in the waistband.  I’ve added a 2nd dart to the fronts and backs for a total now of 8 darts.  But the waist is still too loose.  I think I’ll increase the depth of the darts another 1/8″ each and see how it works.  Next time. Whenever that is.  Because I now have 3 pairs of shorts, 2 pair of ankle length pants, 4 pair of long leg pants and NO HOT WEATHER PREDICTED.

Umm sorry no pic on me.  I did try them on, but it’s was just too dang cold to put them on and mess with pictures.