Summer Sewing Begins

originally published5/15/11


I’m not up for the Summer 6 PAC yet.  We seem to have 1-2 days of spring weather and then the temps drop 30-40 degrees for the next week.  Such temperature drops don’t encourage me to to think Spring let alone Summer sewing.  As mentioned in a previous post, I did remove the heaviest of clothing from my active closet and arranged the tops by sleeveless (I’m always optimistic), short sleeve and long sleeve.  I determined, pretty easily, that I have enough tops.  I’m afraid that when I purged winter clothing I kept items that should have been let go.  But I’m pretty sure these spring and summer items are all still in good shape. This year some of them will meet untimely deaths (I should wear a full-front bib) and others will live out their last year.  Face it, most clothing looks good for only about 3 years.  I’m sure part of that is manufacturing, even fabric manufacturing, as they wish to encourage us to keep purchasing.  But part of that is our own human nature. We, well most of us, get tired of wearing exactly the same clothing every day, day in and day out. So while I don’t need any clothing immediately, I will be sewing hopefully at a leisurely pace.


I am however glad to be sewing summer clothing,  My fabric collection has once again out grown it’s shelves.  I do feel a little guilty about that.  Earlier this year I started applying a dollar limit to my purchases. Which did help. But, sigh, I have reached the point where I must stop purchasing at least until I make some more room on the shelves.  That’s where summer clothing will help.  I have 11 stacks of fabrics with under 2 yards each cut.  The stacks are about 14″ high and take just about 2 full 4′ long shelves. Each one contains between 14 and 30 cuts depending upon how thick the fabric is.  I do have a short stack of vest fabrics in there.  I’d actually been pulling these cuts from the larger yardages and saving them for summer sewing.  The 1-3/4 yard cuts have a lot more versatility that I originally thought,  I’ve found that I can indeed make a pair of pants or long sleeve blouse although it may take a little creativity on my part.  It’s the 1.5 and less yardages that need to be utilized for summer clothing, because summer clothing for me is typically short pants and sleeveless, cap or short sleeve tops.  Enough chatter, my first summer garment:


I used Burda 2010_04_143 in th size 48.  These are made in a even weave fabric which I’d call duck except that it’s too light weight for a normal duck fabric.  Also it’s soft whereas duck is usually stiff.  I use duck fabric to add body, stiffness and weight to my purses.  Normal duck isn’t nice like this at all.  It’s cotton with a touch of polyester.  Becuase there is some firmness I decided to use the size 48.  I’d rather take it in a little, than find that because of the fabric properties it’s too small.  Well good thing I used the size 48. This is a perfect example of how fabric affects fit.  I’m going to need to scoop the crotch just a little and hope I lose just 2 pounds.  Visualize 1 pound of hamburger. White hamburger.  Now think of 2 pounds of white hamburger and you’ll understand why just 2 pounds less on my hips could make this fit better.  Yes there is a funny wrinkle in front.  Before stitching, I attached the pockets with Steam-A-Seam.  That the way I preposition patch pockets, but in this instance I’d hate to pin through all the layers of heavy fabric.Somehow the SAS glue is pulling in one spot creating an odd wrinkle in front.  I’ve checked carefully and am sure this is the cause.  The first wash will either fix the problem or drive me nuts.  Because I’m pretty confident of this pattern, I permanently stiched, serged and hemmed everthing except the waistband.  I basted it in with water soluable thread and then tried on my shorts.  That’s when I took pics.  I’ve already finished the shorts, but it’s been too cold to wear them (urrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh).    This gives me 4 pairs of shorts for this winter.




Oh my gosh I just realized something.  There are days when I can’t get Blogger’s spell check to work.  It just won’t turn on.  I just realized that it’s not turning on when I don’t have any spelling errors (grammar is a different story).  Oh slap on the head.