O pant

O Pants: 2nd Fitting

originally published 5/27/11


I’ve put in 2 back darts and folded in a front pleat.  I removed the blinding white squares of masking tape.  They were no longer needed and served only to distract.  Then I stopped for more pics. After the pics I asked myself if I was actually going upstairs without altering the crotch.  The answer was Yes because I want to see the fit progress. But I could feel the back crotch cutting into my tailbone.  I know without even looking at the pics that something has to be done about


Well at least the pant y lines are gone from the back.


Not the front though:


I never have smilies in front.  I do in that photo. Although I can’t see it, the front crotch is not fitting close to my body.  If I sat down I’d have a bubble.   I need to

  • scoop the back
  • let out the side seams from the high hipp up
  • Which will mean taking in the back darts.
  • and I think adding 1/4″ to the front waistband would be good.
  • Raise the center front to remove the front bubble.
  • It might be time to start folding the hems into place.  But most of my focus is on the front and back crotch.

Hope you’re enjoying this step by step blog.  It’s almost like live because I’m sewing and then evaluating through my pics and blog.  This is the procedure I use with pants.  I can’t promise these won’t be wadders. But I can promise that I’ll do my best to fit them.